Fab + Target Merona Presents: 5 Wardrobe Essentials for the Modern Man

Happy Monday! Today’s post is the third in our Merona fall fashion series.  In case you missed the last two posts on how to style a pencil skirt, and 3 says to wear a blazer, check them out here.  For the third post, we are talking about a topic that we don’t discuss much around these parts – Men’s Fashion.  In particular, I am going to be sharing 5 Wardrobe Essentials Every Modern Man Needs.  So let’s be honest ladies, men don’t really love us telling them what to wear.  So for this post, I enlisted the help of my very own live-in fashionisto to chime in and share his thoughts on wardrobe essentials for the modern man.  And I have to admit, I was very impressed and tickled with is answers.  He’s quite the fashionisto, and guys already know how funny he is…enjoy the sarcasm below.  After you’ve checked out Fab’s top 5 essentials, check out the 2 dapper looks I created using the Merona pieces he recommended.

Essential: Interesting Crewneck Sweater:

Fab’s Pick: Merona Long Sleeve Sweater  , $16

Why: “It’s the fall, so you should have a good crewneck somewhere in your closet.  Crewnecks are a subtle art form though.  If you go for a version that’s too thick, you will stray into Bill Cosby territory.  If you get one that’s monochromatic, you could potentially look like you’re wearing a sweatshirt.  So if you’re opting for a crew neck sweater, pick up something like this that has some pop to it.  This particular sweater has colors that I believe can be worn with either chinos or jeans of a wide variety of colors.  You’ll get a lot of bang for your buck, so-to-speak.”

Essential:  A Nice Belt

Fab’s Pick: Merona Classic Leather Belt, $12 – $16


Why: “Sweaters are a funny thing.  No matter what you do, they will require adjusting during the day.  Crewnecks are especially notorious for rising up on you faster than gas prices.  If you’re trying to reach up for something or bend down, you may end up inadvertently flash your coworkers a little hip.  So, in order to spare yourself from any potential reason to be self-conscious about your outfit, I propose a simple fix:  A nice, non-shiny belt.  This is assuming that your pants fit of course.  Opt for a belt that’s understated and classy.  If you choose your belt wisely, you’ll be able to wear it with suits or jeans and not even think twice about it.  Don’t pick a belt with a huge buckle or one with large stitching, or you’ll lose that versatility.  My personal style is all about getting the most I can out of a bare minimum of great quality items by mixing and matching, so versatility is a big deal for me.  Remember, understated stuff stays in style forever.  You’ll never be out of style with a belt like this one, but a thick flat suede belt won’t do you much good outside of the limited context of a summer job at a clothing store.”

Essential: Gray Dress Pants

Fab’s Pick: Merona Men’s Solid Pant, $24

Why: “Gray goes with so much stuff that it’s almost cheating. Assembling an outfit with a gray base is so easy.   Every now and then I stumble into my closet and just kinda stare at everything.  I’ve since learned from The Fashionista Next Door that what I’m doing is searching for “inspiration”.  Now, seeing as how I don’t have any reader submissions to help me out when I’m fresh out of “inspiration”, I’ve learned to reach for my trusty gray pants.  Everything else just comes so easily after that.  With gray pants in hand, I scan my closet and now I can wear a pink polo, a merlot polo, a light green polo, a black v-neck, a red v-neck, a blue and white crewneck sweater…pretty much anything I want.  With one pair of pants, you can go from “I have nothing to wear”, to “Shoot, how will I have time to pick from all these outfits in time for work?!?”  Word of caution though:  I feel like I shouldn’t have to say this in 2012, but I’ll do it anyway….Please tailor your dressier pants fellas.  Hell, you can even tailor your chinos if you’re so inclined, but you MUST tailor pants like these.  Do it, and you’ll feel more confident.  Now that I have resorted to the tried and true blogging convention of USING ALL CAPS TO MAKE A POINT, I will stop here and simply say again that grey pants are ESSENTIAL.”

 Essential: A Messenger Bag

Fab’s Pick: Merona Men’s Bag, $16

Why: “Every man needs a reliable messenger bag.  Unlike women, I still use my pockets for things I need quickly like *ahem* keys, wallet, and cellphone; but anyone with anything to do in their day is carrying too much stuff for pockets.  Mine always has chargers, a tablet, my laptop, and documents in it.  I even have a special compartment for my business checks and protein bars.   A canvas messenger bag like this one can go from office to happy hour with you without looking ridiculous, and will go well with a lot of different colors and styles of clothing.”

Essential: A Weekender Bag

Fab’s Pick:  Merona Men’s Weekender Bag, $24

Why: “This fall, most people will do at least some holiday travel.  It’s so much easier (and cooler) to carry around a weekender bag than one of those rolly-thingies.  You’ll see how deftly you’ll move through an airport without dragging wheels behind you, and as an added bonus, it’ll fit nicely under your seat, so you won’t have to fight for overhead bin space with that one dude who can’t seem to grasp that his bulging suitcase won’t fit…no matter how many times the flight attendant tells him.  Mind you this will only work if you’re a minimalist who doesn’t pack for all potential weather and mood variables, but I think they’re great. “

 My Two Looks Using Fab’s Picks

*All Items below are from the  Merona Fall Collection!

Look #1: Fab’s crewneck sweater, Khaki Chinos, Fab’s messenger bag, a brown belt, and desert boots.


Look #2: Striped cardigan, long-sleeve henley, Fab’s gray dress pants, Fab’s classic belt, black driving loafer

See how the Target Fall Collection is designed to take you through a season of stylish looks at Target.com/Merona.

What do you say ladies? Are Fab’s picks items that you would agree are essential to the modern man’s wardrobe?


Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Target via Glam Media.  The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Target.
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  1. Tasha says:

    aaaaa look at Fab looking all dapper. Great picks for guy style.
    My recent post Vintage Sheer Stripe Pants

  2. meganzietz says:

    he looks so chic, i need to show this to my hubby
    Xo Megan
    My recent post Palazzo and Peplum

  3. Go Fab! He looks fab, hehe!

  4. Ticka says:

    Very nice post!! Love this! You guys should collaborate more often! =D
    My recent post Weekend Girl…

  5. This is awesome! Fab should start a blog! LOL! I need him to help Mr!
    My recent post Weekend Style: Hammer Pants

  6. KeeKee says:

    I love these looks! Fab is right on point! Now if I can only get hubby to actually GO INTO a store and shop without all the huffing and puffing! Ugh!

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