Fab Find Under $50: Mixed Medium Faux Leather Sheath Dress at Forever 21!

Last week, I shared a mixed medium faux leather sleeve jacket under $50, and I’m sure you guys don’t need me to tell you that “mixed medium” pieces are all the rage in fashion…but come on now, there has to be a better name for this trend. Lol! “Mixed medium” is such a non-fashiony term. But, I digress…this mini-rant is so not the point of this post.  With temperatures dropping, I am beyond thrilled to be able to revisit leather – real and faux! Leather is one of the “top trends” this fall…and I chuckle as I type this because…well…isn’t leather ALWAYS “in style” for fall? I mean it’s more of a functional thing, ya know?  I guess what makes it a trend is the fact that designer after designer sent head-to-toe leather down the runway in their fall collections.  But, I think what’s really cool about the mixed medium pieces is they allow people who aren’t big on head-to-toe leather get in on the trend, without being stuck in the leather jacket box.  So, maybe a full on leather dress isn’t for you…a fun (and inexpensive) sheath with a faux leather bodice and ponte wrap skirt might be right up your alley!  And the best part? It’s only $30.

Forever 21 Faux Leather Trimmed Sheath Dress | $29.80

Now, I have to be honest, buying faux leather pieces from Forever 21 is always tricky, especially when buying online.  It is truly hit more miss! And when you’re talking about a dress – well, that’s just a lot of faux leather. Lol.  I was definitely worried that it might look cheap.  But, when I unboxed the dress and slipped it on, I was pleasantly surprised at how sophisticated it looked – not cheap at all.  In fact, I don’t think the pictures do the dress justice at all.   I wish I had a dress form to fill out the bodice. You all will just have to take my word for it (or wait until I wear it.)  But, if you’ve been looking for a dress like this, I wouldn’t sleep on it.  You know how Forever 21 is…it is literally here today, gone tomorrow.

p.s. How do you guys like these kinds of posts?

Thanks for stopping by!! XOXO.

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5 Responses to “Fab Find Under $50: Mixed Medium Faux Leather Sheath Dress at Forever 21!”

  1. Tammie says:

    I like these kinds of posts and write them myself ever-so-often…Too bad that piece does not come in plus.
    I'm sure they will have some AWESOME alternatives though….
    I did see a biker jacket that was mixed medium that I thought was kinda snazzy!
    BTW, when they say that phrase, "mixed medium" I think its more pertaining to the artform that is fashion as we know "mixed medium is an art term."
    Maybe we could call it a "texture fusion" dress…
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  2. bunnymysweet says:

    Pretty, can't wait to see how you style it!
    (\ /)
    ( . .)
    c(”)(”) http://www.bunnymysweet.com/
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  3. I love the dress. I'm always a fan of leather.

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  4. This dress is cute! Can't wait to see it on you!
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  5. I love this dress! It is so neat and fashionable. It can make any woman so sexy!
    Awesome skirt! (I guess it goes well with women boots!)
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