José Eber Curling Wand + Week Old Straight Hair = Seriously Perfect Beach Waves

Happy Friday!! We are skipping Style Me Friday today for no good reason, besides me being way too lazy tired to take pictures yesterday. Lol!  But, please submit looks for next week.  In the meantime, I thought I’d share the deets on my hair in the last few posts.

Day 1 – I curled my hair using my José Eber Curling Wand.

If you watched my Jose Eber video review previously, you may recall that it is a multi-barrel curling wand. I used the tapered wand on my hair to get this look.

If you’ve used a curling wand before, you might be able to attest to this…the curls hold REALLY well, and I generally don’t use any holding products.  I curled my hair in the morning, and my curls were still in tact when I took these pictures just before the sun went down.

My plan was to preserve my curls by doing large bantu knots and sleeping with a bonnet, but my laziness sleepiness got the best of me so I ended up just tucking my curls into a bonnet and calling it a night.  Best. Decision. Ever.

Day 2 – I accidentally discovered the perfect beachy wave technique.

The next day I woke up, and took off my bonnet. My curls were smashed and frizzy, but still defined.  I didn’t want to put any more heat on my hair, but I wasn’t ready for a ponytail just yet.  I wanted to get a few more days out of my straight hair, because Lawd knows it will be months before it’s straight again.  So, I grabbed my extra virgin coconut oil (EVCO), rubbed about a dime size amount in my palms, and worked it through my hair to moisturize and tame the frizz.  Then I grabbed my Denman Brush and brushed out my smashed curls hoping to pump some life back into them, and then it happened – the perfect beachy wave!  My now brushed out corkscrew curls relaxed into amazing waves with loose curls at the ends.  And, yes – my hair was a little frizzy from combing out the curls, but in the best kind of way.  The frizz kind of just added to the effortless, devil-may-care beachy look.

Day 3 – My best hair day yet thanks to bantu knots and a satin bonnet!

Smitten with my beachy waves, I was determined to get one more day out of them.  I wrapped haphazard sections of hair into bantu knots and secured them with bobbi pins (which I don’t normally do when I bantu knot my curly hair).  In the morning, took down my bantu-knots revealing the signature knot-induced corkscrew curls, rubbed a wee bit more coconut oil into my palms, and worked it through my hair breaking up the curls with my fingers.  Then I grabbed my denman brush again, and brushed out the curls completely.  I was very pleased to see that the ends of my curls were still defined from the curling wand and the bantu knots, and the length of my hair retained a nice semi-frizzy beachy wave. It was perfect!

Don’t you just love stumbling upon a new styling technique by accident?

 Have a GREAT weekend! XOXO.

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5 Responses to “José Eber Curling Wand + Week Old Straight Hair = Seriously Perfect Beach Waves”

  1. Ariel says:

    Yayy Thank You! I will be trying to recreate this look this weekend *crosses fingers*

  2. kenzie says:

    when my hair was straight i accidently had beach wavys by putting my hair into two-twostrand twist pigtails and wearing a bonet when i went to sleep..the next day i had wavys that looked very similar to your day 2 hair!!

    dont you love love those hair style accidents that turn out great?
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  3. Ticia says:

    Shuts down computer… leaves office… buys a curling wand immediately… I LOVE it!
    My recent post White Hot

  4. @undefined says:

    I live for your hair posts…this is one of your best ones yet!!! I love the evolution of the style!

    My recent post How to Find an Inexpensive Weave Stylist

  5. You look great! I love doing beachy waves when I have straight hair :)

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