What Was In my October CurlBox? Dr. Miracle Curl Care Nourishing Conditioner + More!

Sooo, by now I am sure you’ve all heard of CurlBox.  Every month, I say I’m going to do a video about what I got in my box, and whether or not I liked and/or planned to use the products…and every month I fail miserably at this task for two reasons — 1) I suck at videos, and 2) I usually dig into the products and forget to even take a picture, let alone record a video. *sigh*  This month, I forced myself NOT to crack open a single product until I recorded a video…and let me tell you, it was not an easy task!

As I mentioned in the video, there is one product which is not shown in the photograph above — the Dr. Miracle Curl Care Nourishing Conditioner.

So, I had an interesting experience with this product, you guys.  So, when I squeeze the stuff into my palms and worked it into my hair, my first thought was “Damn, this stuff has amazing slip.”  As usual, I finger detangled my hair, and this stuff worked just as well on the tough knots as my all time favorite detangler — Aussie Moist. Buuuuut, then the cool sensation set in…no, not cool as in hip,  but cool as in I just rubbed Altoid paste all over my scalp and sat in front of the air conditioner (I mean, if they made an Altoid paste…but you get my point! Lol)  So, I grabbed the bottle to check the ingredients, and sho’nuff there was menthol in it. Drats!  I’m okay with a little minty sensation, but this was a bit much.  So, anyway, I rinsed my hair and I have to admit I was impressed. My hair felt soft and smooth, and it was definitely detangled. I wrapped my coils in a DIY t-shirt turban, and headed to the bathroom for styling, and when I let my hair down I was pleased to find soft, fluffy, and most importantly, clumped curls.  Curly girls, I am sure you can feel me on this… this is usually the moment when I can tell whether or not my styling efforts are going to be successful.  If I let my hair down from my turban, and the curls are not clumped right…or my ends look stringy…or my hair looks extra frizzy, then I know I can chalk it up right then and there…no amount of styling products is going to turn things around.  So, again…I was pleased.  Now, I think its too soon to tell if the Dr. Miracle conditioner was responsible for my perfectly soft, fluffy, and clumped curls. I’ll have to use it again to know for sure, but this is what I do know — my damn scalp was still shivering from all the damn menthol! Lol.  Needless to say, I am excited and scared to try this product again on my next wash.

Are you a CurlBox member? Have you tried Dr. Miracle Curl Care Nourishing Conditioner?

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