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There’s Oxblood on My Boots, and I Got a Haircut!


Tweet Happy Tuesday before Thanksgiving! Lol! Can you tell I’m counting down the days until ‘til my brief vacay from work?  I need it y’all! Anyway, yesterday I shared two things on Instagram – 1) my new haircut, and 2) my kinda new “oxblood” boots.  Let’s start with the haircut… So, Saturday my sister-in-law tells […]

I Hope My Turkey Comes Out Better Than Gina’s {Video}


Tweet I think I may have mentioned this before, but almost everyone in Fab’s family is a vegetarian.  Every year, we spend Thanksgiving with his family, and I actually rather enjoy the vegetarian dinner.  It’s obviously very different from what I am used to with my side of the family, but it’s still super good! […]

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