Groove After Dark with Cyn Abrams, Robin Groover, and Lexi with the Curls!

A couple weeks ago, I mentioned that I had the opportunity to sit on the red couch with Cyn Abrams, Too Groovy Salon owner Robin Groover, and my bloggin’ buddy Lexi with the Curls for episode three of Groove After Dark — an Atlanta-based hair, beauty, and lifestyle talk show.  Well, we just had a good ol’ time taping episode 3 of the show.  In fact, we talked so much, the video had to be split into three parts. Lol!

Check ‘em all out below and be sure to subscribe to Groove After Dark’s channel here so you don’t miss future episodes…I share a little bit about my hair journey in part 2, and you get to watch me fail miserably on a pop-culture quiz in part 3.  Enjoy!

 Part I

Part II

Part III

Stay Groovy!! XOXO.

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