I Hope My Turkey Comes Out Better Than Gina’s {Video}

I think I may have mentioned this before, but almost everyone in Fab’s family is a vegetarian.  Every year, we spend Thanksgiving with his family, and I actually rather enjoy the vegetarian dinner.  It’s obviously very different from what I am used to with my side of the family, but it’s still super good! (and we get to be major carnivores with my family come Christmas, anyway!)  But, Fab has always been a rebel.  The minute he was old enough to decide what he put in his mouth, he started eating meat, and ever since I started spending Thanksgiving with his family, he’s been trying to get me to make a turkey. Lol!  I got out of it the first year by saying I thought it would be totally disrespectful to come into his mom’s house and make a turkey when she doesn’t even eat meat.  And, then I made my famous macaroni and cheese, and he forgot all about the turkey. The following year, I said no again, but I made chicken wings just to appease him. Lol! This year, I guess he just gave up because he didn’t even ask.  But, the truth is I had already decided that this year, I was going to make this man a dang turkey. Lol!  

I’ve actually never made one on my own. I have always been my dad’s turkey assistant, but my specialty is most definitely side dishes — collard greens. check!  mac ‘n cheese. check! yams. check! dressing. check! check! check!  So, this is going to be a bit of an experiment for me…I keep picturing that Christmas episode of Martin where Gina made the turkey, and when her dad went to carve it, the dang thing started bleeding. Lol!!! Hilarious!  My girl @Shoemisses on Instagram read my mind when she mentioned it.  Don’t remember that one? Don’t worry! That’s what YouTube is for!

Anyway, this is all the randomness that was floating through my mind as I drove home from Walmart with my Turkey.  Will you be cooking for Thanksgiving?

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2 Responses to “I Hope My Turkey Comes Out Better Than Gina’s {Video}”

  1. Nikell says:

    I've never done a Turkey either. One of these days though…one of these days. Let us know how it turns out. I'm sure it'll be great (^_^)
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  2. Ticka says:

    I swear!! Like I told you on Twitter, I'm cooking one too. I've never cooked a turkey before either, so we will have to pray for one another. Good luck gurl!! We can post pics on Twitter or Instagram of our progress & the finished product! LOL!
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