I Love My Daniel Wellington Classic Lady Oxford Watch!


It’s been raining in Atlanta for the last few days, which has made it pretty hard to take pictures since I don’t like taking them indoors.  But, believe it or not, this is actually a good thing because I am SO behind on other kinds of posts. For example, I received this watch as a gift from Daniel Wellington nearly two weeks ago! I’ve shared on Instagram a couple times, and I wore it last week with this outfit, but I hadn’t taken the time to write out a full post about it.

So, a little bit about Daniel Wellington – they are a Swedish brand, but they are making their way stateside, and bringing their super cute, preppy watches with them.  What I love most about the watches is their interchangeable bands.  For example, my watch, the Classic Lady Oxford, comes in either Rose Gold or Silver with the classic navy and red stripe band for $175.  But, once you have a watch face that you love (I got the rose gold, and I love it!), you can purchase alternate bands at really affordable prices ranging from only $35 for the canvas bands to $65 for the leather bands.  Not bad, right?

I’m really enjoying my new watch.  I have to admit it’s a nice departure from my gold boyfriend watch!  I think I am going to buy three bands for a complete collection. Lol. (the bands also come with a choice of silver or rose gold fixtures…I’d be getting the rose gold to match my watch face, of course!)

Classic Warwick Band, $35 | Classic St. Andrews Band, $65 | Classic Sheffield Band, $65

Have you heard of Daniel Wellington Watches?

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