Miroslava Duma: Great Taste, Great Style

If you ask 10 bloggers how they think blogging has impacted the fashion industry, you’re bound to get some variation of the same answer: “Blogging has really made fashion more accessible.”  Indeed…this is very true.  One of the things I have really enjoyed over the last several years since I’ve been reading blogs (and writing TFND) is “getting to know” the tastemakers…you know, the editors, fashion writers, stylists, buyers, creative directors, and all the rest of the previously faceless and nameless superpowers that keep this whole fashion thing going.  I mean, I knew these people were there, but I’ll be the first to admit that aside from the big names (seriously, who doesn’t know Anna Wintour?) I thought of fashion in terms of brands and designers…okay, and maybe super models. But, not anymore. Thanks to the blogosphere, we know our favorite fashion professionals by name…and style.  We stalk their daily outfits on the street style blogs, and dedicate entire Pinterest boards to them.  Alas, they occupy just as much of our style talk as any editorial.  Miroslava Duma is one of these tastemakers.  Seriously, how would I ever have discovered this seriously fly fashion writer extraordinaire, and former editor at Harper’s Bazaar Russia,  if it weren’t for the street style blogs? If getting to know Mira isn’t proof that blogs have made the world a better place, I don’t know what is.  And, if you browse through the many, many street style photos of her on the interwebs you can witness firsthand what happens when taste and style collide.  You see, taste is being able to sift through the barrage of trends, and style is being able to make them your own…Mira does both quite well. 

For this post, I delightfully clicked through hundreds of street style pics of Mira, and everything she wore was so just believable regardless of how trendy or unexpected it was. Nothing felt contrived…and that my friends, is an indication of great style!  Mira pulls off each and every one of the Fall ’12 trends effortlessly — head-to-toe prints, full on leather, oxblood, baroque, and military.  This girl can wear it all!


Photo Credit: MiroslavaDuma.Tumblr.com


Photo Credit: Tumblr

Oxblood (+leather)

Photo Credit: Glamour.com


Photo Credit: PinkMemo.com


Photo Credit: HarpersBazaar.Tumblr.com

How do you define great taste and style?

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4 Responses to “Miroslava Duma: Great Taste, Great Style”

  1. Lisa says:

    Love her style! You're so right about blogging opening the up the world of fashion.

  2. Nikell says:

    I'd never thought about blogging opening the fashion world as it has but it's true. I love those leather overalls. I'll call it "farmer chic" lol

  3. Blogging has definitely made fashion more accessible and the mag's and photo'g are taking notice, using bloggers in ad's and such. Plus it's nice to see regular women showing me affordable clothing instead of a shirt that costs 3k, I mean I like to look good also, just can't afford to mortgage my home to do so!!

  4. she has been one of my fashion muses for the last 4 years. I love her and Kate Lanphear, Emmanuelle Alt, Taylor Tomasi Hill, Shiona Turini and Dasha Zhukova!

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