For All My Friends on the East Coast…

To think that I was just stomping the streets of New York two months ago for fashion week.   My buddy Danielle (who lives in Queens) and I were walking to a party when we passed the New Yorker sign, and she said “Hey! You should get a picture of the New Yorker sign…that’s a great shot!!”  And, she was so right! I grabbed my camera and tried to snap as many pictures as I could before the sun went all the way down.  I’d planned on using them for a “New York State of Mind” post dedicated to the overwhelming sense of indelible ambition and drive that engulfs you as soon as you step of the plane in in The City.  It awakens your inner hustle, and makes you want to grind harder than you ever have before.  But now, in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, I think these photos also quite perfectly capture the resilience of a The City.  And, not just New York, but the entire east coast….

I’ve spoke with some people on the east coast that I work with and it is so heartbreaking to hear the stories of such massive loss.  I am a crier so I find myself breaking into tears listening to other peoples stories…I can’t imagine the pain those whoa are directly affected must feel.  If you are on the east coast, I know there is nothing that I can say that will undo the devastation that you have experienced (and continue to experience) in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, but know you are in my heart and my prayers — all of you.


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  1. Nikell says:

    I visited New York back in 03 when I performed on Showtime at The Apollo. You're right it does awaken something within. I too am praying for the East Coast. Great post!
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