Fab Holiday Accessories (and Clothes) at Charming Charlie!

Happy Monday, lovely people! So, I’m looking at the calendar…can you believe Christmas is less than 10 days away? Where did this year go? Are you guys ready for 2013?  I don’t think I am, but ready or not, here it comes…I guess it’s time to start thinking about those resolutions.  But, before we get ahead of ourselves, we’ve still got two more weeks of holiday parties to get through.  After discovering my lack of appropriate cocktail attire earlier this month, I went slightly crazy stocking up on party dresses.  And, thanks to my friends at Charming Charlie, I was also able to stock up on some fab holiday accessories to jazz up what I already had in my closet, too.

atlanta-charming-charlie-norcross-forum-shops-010-001 You guys may remember when I visited my local Charming Charlie in Norcross this summer to style a mannequin (and do a little shopping!).  Obviously, I was thrilled to partner with Lucky and Charming Charlie again to check out what they had in store for the holidays.  Armed with a $150 gift card, I was ready to do some serious damage…I mean seriously, with Charming Charlie’s amazing price point, $150 goes a very long way!

atlanta-charming-charlie-norcross-forum-shops-037-002 atlanta-charming-charlie-norcross-forum-shops-064-005 atlanta-charming-charlie-norcross-forum-shops-023-017 atlanta-charming-charlie-norcross-forum-shops-142-014 atlanta-charming-charlie-norcross-forum-shops-083-007 atlanta-charming-charlie-norcross-forum-shops-030-004 atlanta-charming-charlie-norcross-forum-shops-100-008

I got lucky when I snagged one of the last two McQueen inspired skull print scarves.  My buddy Danielle was with me, and she wanted the other one, but as she was snapping pics of me trying it on, another customer snatched it up. Can you believe that? Lol.  (Sorry Danielle!)


In addition to a ton of fabulous accessories, you may not know that Charming Charlie has a ton of holiday friendly apparel, too — sparkly sequin jackets, embellished blouses, and cute tailored jackets.  Check out this cute cropped sequin jacket and cropped cobalt blue blazer.

atlanta-charming-charlie-norcross-forum-shops-032-003 atlanta-charming-charlie-norcross-forum-shops-126-009

Check out the back of these jacket, y’all! HOT DOT COM.


Charming Charlie also has fun beauty products.   This body shimmer spray is just perfect for giving your skin that luminous holiday sparkle. I can’t wait to use it…and how cute is the vintage-y looking diffuser bottle?


The associates at the Norcross Charming Charlie are always so incredibly nice! I am one of those people that likes to put everything in my basket, and narrow it down later. They graciously allowed me to spread out all my finds on the cashier’s counter.  Look at all. this. good. stuff.

atlanta-charming-charlie-norcross-forum-shops-131-012 atlanta-charming-charlie-norcross-forum-shops-134-011

You know I wanted to get it all, but I did good…I narrowed it down and managed to only go over my gift card by $40. Not bad at all! I ended up getting the sequin jacket, the cropped blue blazer, the black box clutch, two bracelets, the skull scarf in gray and red, a pair of stud earrings, and the body shimmer spray (I am kinda mad at myself for not getting the pink embellished turban. Grrrr!).  Now, I have to give this disclaimer– if I hadn’t been insistent upon getting the two jackets, I could have bought a ton more jewelry and accessories, but you guys…you  know I couldn’t leave without those jackets. Lol!

atlanta-charming-charlie-norcross-forum-shops-137-001 atlanta-charming-charlie-norcross-forum-shops-141-015

Have you stopped into Charming Charlie recently?

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20 Responses to “Fab Holiday Accessories (and Clothes) at Charming Charlie!”

  1. FabEllis says:

    I haven't been to Charming Charlie in awhile because I always tend to get myself in trouble. :) Your hair looks gorgeous!

  2. jasmine says:

    i heard great things about this store! we have a few in MD…i may need to hit them up this week…going to a formal this weekend!
    My recent post {the commentary :: blogger breaks, nail polish dreams & sleep}

  3. So many great finds. Really loving those two clutches. Have a great party season! – Carla

  4. @lecookaye says:

    I can't really concentrate on anything, but the hair. It loooks realllllllly good! :)

  5. Danielle says:

    OMG—this was like shopping the store all over again! SUCH cute stuff at Charming Charlie (can you tell them to put one in NYC ;)
    My recent post Atlanta Holiday Shop the Aisle Recap!

  6. Style & Poise says:

    Cute Stuff and your curls are popping! Did you get a hair cut? I love it!
    My recent post Corporate Casual: Green Checkered Blazer

  7. @momtrends says:

    I've never been in one, but now I am so inspired. Love your finds!

    Nicole http://www.momtrends.com/2012/12/j-brand-cigarett

  8. Toni Green says:

    I love Charming Charlie! I visited about a week or two ago and scored deals on collar necklaces…and walked out with three when I only intended to buy one!

  9. laniza says:

    Your hair looks fabulous–and I understand about not leaving the store with the jackets. The blue jacket is especially fly!
    My recent post Burgundy, White, and Metallic

  10. i don't get there often but i have picked up some really cute things at CC
    My recent post {fun} Favorite Things Giveaway

  11. Oh Nikka says:

    OMG! I love Charming Charile! Faints! OH!

  12. Oh Nikka says:

    OMG! I love Charming Charile! Faints! OH!

  13. Lynn says:

    OMGGGGG!!!!! Just wayyyy too much cuteness!!!!!
    My recent post MANICure Monday on Wednesday!

  14. Love all the goodies you got! Charming Charlie's is one of the best places to get accessories at affordable prices :)
    My recent post Holiday Outfit Idea's

  15. I love this store. There is one about six minutes from my home and I'm seriously in there every few days lol. I have that wide sparkly belt and wore it with a tulle/velvet dress I made the other day lol.

  16. I love this store. There is one about six minutes from my home and I'm seriously in there every few days lol. I have that wide sparkly belt and wore it with a tulle/velvet dress I made the other day lol.

  17. These bright small bags are really amazing! I fell in love with them)

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