Last Shoe (Club) Standing: ShoeMint Black Friday Haul!

Well my friends, over the last couple years, I have really become a shoe club fanatic! I started with Sole Society (still my favorite!), and slowly started adding shoes from ShoeDazzle and JustFab into my rotation as well.  Until last week, ShoeMint was the last club standing.  And, it wasn’t that I didn’t love the shoes, because I really did.  In fact, the shoes are made by Steve Madden, so really, what’s not to love? They’re always on trend, well-made, and relatively affordable.  Key word = relatively.  If you normally pay full price for Steve Madden shoes, then ShoeMint is awesome, but you all know I pay full price for NOTHING! Lol. I am a sale shopper, and at $80 a pop, ShoeMint’s price point is much higher than what I normally pay for shoes.  And to be quite honest, you can always find comparable Steve Madden shoes either on sale, discounted online, or at discount stores like TJ Maxx.  You may have to wait a while, and you always risk sell outs when you wait for sales, but for me the savings is totally worth it.  So overall, I just didn’t see the value in signing up to pay full price for ShoeMint shoes.

But alas, they finally reeled me in with a kick-ass Black Friday sale and a trial period that allowed me to buy shoes without being locked in to the monthly club membership.  Not only were they offering $40 off your first pair (full price only), but they also had a ton of beautiful options already on sale.  So, I bought one of the newer styles at $40 off, and a pair that was on sale for $40… it was basically like getting 2-for-1.  And, I looooooove that!  Here are the two pairs I bought…if you’re intrigued, check out the rest of ShoeMint’s offerings here. They are still running the “no obligation” promotion through the end of the year, so you can buy without being locked into the monthly membership for the rest of the month!

  Zoe | $79.99
(Get $30 off your first pair with code 30LUVUS)

Danielle| $39.99 on sale

*Danielle actually comes in a red/taupe/purple color combination that I am dying for! I may try to scoop those up before they sell out, since they are still on sale! :)

Are you a member of ShoeMint? How do you like it?

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20 Responses to “Last Shoe (Club) Standing: ShoeMint Black Friday Haul!”

  1. T. Espi says:

    I ordered Zoe too! Great minds :-) They should be here this week *giddy*
    T. Espi recently posted..Mani Monday: Shine Bright Like a Diamond
    T. Espi recently posted..Mani Monday: Shine Bright Like a Diamond

  2. Sing says:

    The colorblock shoes are fantastic.
    My recent post In My Ears – Vivian Green

  3. rocquelleislovely says:

    Great choices Eboni!! I look forward to seeing how you style them both.
    My recent post Holiday

  4. Randy Pandy says:

    Eboni get out of my closet, I have Danielle in both colors and Mia in Orange…I love love love ShoeMint, they are the only shoe club I subscribe to, they run promotions every single month ranging from 20%-30% off or $20-$40 off…my mom has been bugging me to get Zoe since she was over my shoulder while I was perusing the site…. I'm still on the fence with silver :)

  5. Oh my, those studded/glittered pumps are amazing! I haven't ordered from Shoemint yet either, for the same reason. Good to know they have a sale section!!
    Smart n Snazzy
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  6. Whoa! Those spike ones are insane!
    My recent post Tom Ford, Welcome to Atlanta!

  7. Eboni, thanks to you I am fixing to commit another SIN. LOL. I just now started with Shoe Dazzle because I heard they don't have the "skip the month" thing anymore and now the more I hear about Sole Society (do they have the "skip the month", I am not sure, let me know when you can) and now about Shoemint, Looking at these two pairs you got now I am considering becoming a member. Now if I do not skip I still will get charged right? Love your two selections and at the cost not bad at all!

    • Randy Pandy says:

      I skip all the time and I don't recall ever being charged :) GET YOUR SHOP ON GIRL!!

    • Yay!!! go shoe club crazy like me. Lol!!

      Sole Society also doesn't have monthly fees anymore…no need to skip, so they're worth trying!

      I believe shoemint does require you to skip, but you can purchase through the end of the year without the commitment. It's a promotion they're running right now! But either way, if you skip, you will not be charged!

    • Thank you so much Ladies and let the shopping begging hahahahahahahahaha! OMGEEEE! LOL

  8. India Plummer says:

    I love "looking" at shoe mint. I signed up for them and get their shoe room e -mails, but I have yet to make a purchase. But you got some good deals and I had no idea they had sale items.

  9. Cory says:

    I LOVE ShoeMint. I don’t mind paying the slightly higher prices since the shoes are a lot better quality than the ones I have purchased from Sole Society. Love the spiked ones you got!

  10. bunnymysweet says:

    I'm on there but I'm scared to buy because shoes like to try to eat my feet sometimes. Are the ones you've tried out comfyish? Let me know!
    (\ /)
    ( . .)
    My recent post Gone till November

  11. Jen says:

    Ahhh the Danielle is my kinda shoe!


  12. Melissa says:

    I joined shoe mint but have not bought anything yet. Love the silver pair!

  13. Cherrie says:

    Zoe though!!!! I need her in my lifeeeee! Great picks! Hopefully shoemint has another sale soon so I can snag them for that awesome price.

    My recent post In Love With The Shoes

  14. Erika Marie says:

    What size are the Zoe. If 8.5 would you ever consider selling to me? greytophat(@) ;) thanks in advance!

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