Style Me Friday: Floral and Leather

I know this is a couple days late, but I’m hoping you all still have enough time to participate…and remember the link up will be open until next Thursday if you’re not ready to link up on Friday.  After traveling all day Sunday, posting on Monday just wasn’t happening, and yesterday just got away from me…soooooo, here I am playing catch up on Wednesday…bear with me!

Anyway, in some parts of the country the temps are FREEZING right now (New York is 12 degrees as we speak! WOWZA!), but here in Atlanta the temps are pretty mild.  It’s been hovering between 50 and 60 degrees and sunny!  Not bad at all!  It’s funny how sunshine makes all the difference in how the weather feels despite the actual temperature.  The bright, clear skies are making me yearn for spring florals, open-toed shoes, and bare legs….but we’re not quite there yet. Lol!

So, this week’s Style Me Friday is all about transitional style — how to wear your spring/summer clothes NOW.  There is no need to wait until spring to break out those spring dresses…throw on a leather jacket, and a pair of booties (and maybe tights if the weather doesn’t quite permit bare legs), and you’re good to go!

Style Me Friday & How to Link Up

  1. Every Monday (today), I will select and post the Style Me Friday inspiration look that I’ll be recreating later in the week. (below)
  2. You will also recreate the look yourself, and post it on your blog, facebook, instagram, or wherever!*
  3. On Friday, I will post my normal Style Me Friday recreation  AND host a link up so you can share your recreated version of the look, too!
  4. Next Monday, we’ll start all over again!
*You do not have to have a blog to participate in the link up! You just need a camera (or a camera phone!). The linky widget allows you to link up to a specific blog post if you have a blog, or you can just manually upload a picture and link to the social network of your choice if you don’t have a blog.)

Week 7 Inspiration: Floral and Leather

Submitted on Pinterest by Danielle
*Reminder! Your version of the inspiration look does not need to be literal.  It just needs to capture the spirit of the look.  So have fun with it! I can’t wait to see what you all come up with! :)
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3 Responses to “Style Me Friday: Floral and Leather”

  1. Charee says:

    YAY!!! I thought you were gonna skip this week. I am sooo ready for Spring girl. You know I hate the cold. I want SUMMER back A.S.A.P! hahhahaha
    My recent post Vintage + Faux Fur Vest

  2. I'm in the northeast and I'm so envious! Enjoy the great weather and rock something light and sheer just for us girls who can't.

  3. LenasBlend says:

    Great post, re-purposing off season clothes during the winter is all about layering. Love the contrast of the tough leather with a pretty girlie dress.

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