Touches of Leopard and Leather

If you’ve been reading TFND a while, you may recall the Home Office Style Challenge I did last year (I thnk!).   Basically, the idea came to pass because I was sick of waking up every day and sitting around in my pajamas (or the equivalent of pajamas) just because I worked from home.  It’s downright depressing!  So, I started forcing myself to get dressed almost every day even if I didn’t have anywhere to go.  Well, this past busy season at my job has been by far the hardest busy season for me yet!  I think maybe it was because I just refused to sacrifice my personal stuff for my job this time because quite frankly, I’m just sick of doing that… so I forced myself to blog even when I was tired.  I was staying up until the wee hours of the morning  after working 11 – 12 hour days…it was just ridiculous! Of course, when you burn the candle at both ends like that, burn out is inevitiable.  Now that the busy season at my job has passed (kinda), I have a tiny bit more time on my hands, but I don’t have any energy to get dressed.  Yesterday, I had to give myself a serious pep talk because sitting around looking homely just isn’t a good look. Lol!  I didn’t go too wild, but I did manage to pull it together and take some pictures.


Random Sweater??? | JustFab Metallic Signature Skinny Jeans (BOGO 50% off!) | ShoeDazzle  “Brieanna” Oxfords | No-name Gloves via eBay |  The Sak Crossbody Bag via TJ Maxx (last year) | Target Earrings

I shared a picture on Instagram, and I got a ton of questions about my shoes.  I bought them on sale at ShoeDazzle for under $20, and I love them.  Unfortunately, I think they might be sold out now.  I actually have the real suede and slightly more expensive Dolce Vita version of this shoe in black as well, and I’d like to get them in navy blue and chocolate brown, too.  They’re super cute and comfy.  I like that it is a more delicate version of the classic menswear inspired oxford.  This shoe is definitely or the ladies, and can be worn easily with more feminine pieces…even dresses!  Anyway, since these are sold out, I linked up a few more similar options below…all under $100.


I am also slightly obsessed with these gloves. I bought them on eBay and they arrived yesterday.  I’ve wanted a pair ever since I saw them at the Lafayette 148 Fall Preview I attended last year.  I’m glad I finally got them…they’re so sassy and edgy! You can bet that I’ll be wearing them out until it starts to warm up here in Atlanta.

shoedazzle-leopard-print-oxfords+leather-fingerless-opera-gloves-004 shoedazzle-leopard-print-oxfords+leather-fingerless-opera-gloves-005

Oh, and last thing…these jeans! They are from the JustFab denim collection, and I am so. super. impresseed. by how well they fit.  I am always skeptical of inexpensive jeans, because well…we all know how hard it is to find good fitting denim, and sometimes inexpensive denim is just not tailored well enough to camouflage imperfections.  As one of JustFab’s bloggy buddies, I’ve had an opportunity to try a bunch of their shoes and handbags, but I kept passing on the jeans because I thought surely they were made for size 0 ladies under 25 only. Lol!! But, when Danielle showed up at our JustFab Holiday Party rocking these metallic skinnies, I quickly realized I was missing out.  These jeans fit wonderfully!  They are super stretchy, but not in an unflattering way…and they don’t get all baggy and fall off throughout the day!  And, they are the perfect ankle grazing length for me at 5’4″.  Taller ladies, just keep the inseam in mind when ordering.  Danielle is way taller than me, and she looked great in these black metallic skinnies, but we also both ordered the JustFab red leopard print skinnes, and while the inseam was perfect on me, they didn’t work out well for Danielle.  Also, I’d recommend reading the reviews about the sizing for each style of jeans that you’re interested in.  The reviews recommended sizing down in the black metallic skinnies, so I went down one size and they fit perfectly.  If I’d gone with my normal size, they would have been too big.  On the other hand, with the red leopard skinnies, the reviews advised sticking with your normal size because the material isn’t quite as stretchy…again, the advice was spot on.


Shop the Look!

Thanks for stopping by! XOXO.


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13 Responses to “Touches of Leopard and Leather”

  1. Mimi says:

    Belles photos!
    Canons ces derbys, j'adore!

  2. Kemi says:

    You look nice. Love the fit of the pants and the tunic.
    Don't know if I could pull wearing those gloves though ;)
    My recent post Totally Kissable Lipstick

  3. Jen says:

    Great fit! I enjoy your blog and glad you're making the extra effort to blog often!
    My recent post STYLE Me Friday: Floral and Leather

  4. racheltr says:

    You look gorgeous girl! Love the leopard oxfords <3 <3 <3

    Rachel’s Lookbook

  5. HARI says:

    I like all of your outfit.
    Take a look at my blog. What do you think.
    My recent post TURQUOISE JEWELRY

  6. I totally remember that series and I am glad that you are back at it! Those gloves are so freaking awesome! I love them and your leopard oxfords!
    My recent post Share the Covers–Survivor

  7. Simply Fabulous! Love the gloves!

  8. Those are really cute shoes!! I am actually trying to find a pair of leopard sneakers and I dont even wear sneakers!!!
    My recent post Facelift!!

  9. MJ says:

    The gloves are super cute and those jeans look very comfy! I have to try those out for sure.

    I think I need to do a home office dress up challenge myself. I just started working from home and the PJ's thing is getting a bit old! LOL
    My recent post Fierce OOTD: Winterize Your Maxi Dress

  10. Sharanda Foster says:

    love the jeans.

  11. Reana says:

    I am loving this outfit…
    My recent post Fashionable Finds Friday

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