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Walk, Walk, Walk…Werk! JustFab Shoes ‘n Handbags! {Win $1000 CASH}


Tweet “…flats when I wake up, pumps in the afternoon…put on my stilettos when I’m feeling in a good mood!” And, this my friends is why I said Johnny is my FAVORITE character on House of Fab! He cracks me up!  I was literally laughing out loud the first time I watched this video…the lyrics […]

I Had a Photo Shoot in the Fitting Room at Marshalls!


Tweet I hate when the day gets away from me, and I just don’t have time to take pictures! That’s exactly what happened to me on Sunday.   I got up and out of the house for brunch with no time to take pictures, and after brunch I was in such a rush to hit up […]

Let’s Talk Storage: Curtains on Bookshelves, Storage Ottomans, and Trunks as Coffee Tables


Tweet I’m currently driving Fab absolutely insane talking about furniture…thank goodness I can talk to you guys about it, because I’d be in troooooouble!  One of my main concerns with our move is storage. I will be the first to admit that our current storage system is pretty bad non-existent.  You know how it is, […]

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