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I’m Moving…Shoes for Sale, $20 and Under!


Tweet I started packing up my closet this weekend, and I finally decided to take pictures of several pairs of shoes in my closet that just don’t fit.  Three out of four pairs below are brand new! I bought them at year end sales, and they are all final sale items so I couldn’t return […]

Curves Ahead: Dorothy Perkins Frill Contrast Dress


Tweet I am SUCH a typical fashion blogger! I see something on a blog that I love, and I stalk the Internets until I find it, or something similar! And, that is exactly what happened with this dress. Lol! A couple months ago, I pinned the look below from SimpyCyn, and the hunt began. She got her […]

Style Me Friday, Week 12 Inspiration: Sweatpants and Heels! (Don’t be Scurred!)


Tweet Happy Monday!! I post this week’s Style Me Friday inspiration with a little bit of reluctance!  The look was submitted by girl Trina, and she and I had a nice long debate about whether or not the sweatpants trend was doable for a large enough number of people.  While I personally LOVE the trend, I […]

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