Happy Valentine’s Day from The Fashionista Next Door and Epiphany Chocolates! {Giveaway}

I swear we were just celebrating NYE, and now here we are gearing up for Valentine’s Day already! Can you believe it?  Time really does fly!  Anyway, Valentine’s Day is a strange holiday to me…there is just so much pressure to find the perfect gift to express our love (or strong like..Lol!)…it can go terribly wrong!  Personally, I am all about the thoughtful, personalized gift!  It doesn’t have to be super expensive and over the top for me…just has to be sweet!   So, when Epiphany Chocolates reached out to see if I’d like to review a box of their Some Like It Hot chocolate collection, and share it with you guys for a Valentine’s Day gift idea, I immediately said YES!! The deciding factor wasn’t totally the chocolate itself.  Although, the chocolate is AMAZING! I first tried it last summer when I received a box in my LuckyFabb gift bag…it’s decadent and creamy, and the flavor infusions are so rich! It’s really yummy chocolate …But, for Valentine’s Day, it has to go beyond that!  And what sold me on sharing this with you guys was the packaging!


The Some Like It Hot collection comes in a fun Mad Libs wrapper, accompanied by a red sharpie so you can write a fun, personalized (or frisky) note to your significant other!  THIS is what sold me! I’m corny…Fab is corny…and chocolate wrapped in Valentine’s Day Mad Libs is so us (read: corny!).


Now, if Fab walked in the door with a box of regular ol’ chocolates, I might not be too impressed, but if Fab walks in the door with a box of gourmet chocolates wrapped in personalized, corny Mad Libs that make me laugh until I can’t breathe….well now, that would be what I would call a thoughtful gift.  (I filled out the Mad Libs wrapper for Fab last night…he got a kick out of it. Lol!)


And, like I said the chocolate is amazing! This particular collection comes in either 10 pieces or 18 pieces, and contains three new spicy fudges and caramels; Sinfully Cinnamon (Cinnamon Caramel), Cupid Caliente (Jalapeno Fudge) and Smokin Hot (Smoky Hot Pepper Fudge).  I could have eaten 18 pieces of the Sinfully Cinnamon alone. It was sooooo good!


So, a couple more things – first, if you’re interested in trying the Epiphany Chocolates for Valentine’s Day (or forwarding this post to your boo!), you’ll want to be sure to use promo code HEART25 to get 25% off through 2/14.   (p.s. Epiphany offers free standard shipping with no minimum purchase!)

Second, I also want to say Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you with a giveaway! Epiphany Chocolates and I are giving away a Some Like it Hot 18-piece box of chocolates to one lucky reader! Yay!

What’s your ideal Valentine’s Day gift?


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33 Responses to “Happy Valentine’s Day from The Fashionista Next Door and Epiphany Chocolates! {Giveaway}”

  1. @OhNikka says:

    Yummmy!!!! I love the wrapping as well!!!!
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  2. Ashley Lynn says:

    I LOVE this! So cute, and the chocolates sound delish!

  3. FabEllis says:

    My ideal Valentine's Day gift would be a great dinner and a gift that brings a great memory with it.

  4. Menanie Smith says:

    I may get this just because of the wrapper. Also thinking of the personalized MnM’s.

  5. Susan Christy says:

    My ideal gift would be a David Yurman Bracelet! But I would take chocolate.

  6. Waverly Bair says:

    OMG those chocolates look deeelish! My ideal gift would be a handmade thoughtful gift or a sweet card filled with lots of memories, plus a nice romantic dinner with candles <3.

  7. racheltr says:

    That gift looks so cute! Love it!
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  8. Anonymous says:

    My ideal gift would be a homemade dinner and dessert by candlelight (and some jewelry wouldn't hurt).

  9. Tara says:

    My ideal Valentines Day would be staying home, drinking wine and eating pizza- then chocolate. Relaxing and romantic.

  10. Kandace says:

    My ideal v day gift would be candlelight dinner for two at home.

  11. My ideal "gift" would be a vacation .. me + him + somewhere warm + NO ONE ELSE! and my favorite flowers, tulips. :) hehehe.

  12. Wehaf says:

    A massage gift certificate. :)

  13. Atiya says:

    Those look so good! I'm about to order one now! But another box from the giveaway definitely wouldn't hurt! ;)

    • Atiya says:

      Oh and my ideal gift would be a couples massage…because it's something we can both enjoy together!

  14. Ally says:

    My ideal valentine's gift would probably be pretty much anything chocolate related ^_^

  15. fredetta says:

    my ideal vday gift would be anything that comes from the heart and is thoughtful :)

  16. Meisha says:

    My ideal Valentine's Day gift would be a romantic evening at home. Just the two of us!!!!

  17. A vacation and quality time with my bf!

  18. Julie says:

    Just being able to spend time with my bf

  19. Mary says:

    Seeing my fiancee

  20. Judy says:

    VD is my birthday . . . Isn't that worth an extra entry? ;)

  21. Shawn Lewis Dortch says:

    My ideal Valentine's Day would have to be special but not as special as my birthday since it is the day before. I would want my hubby to surprise me with the little blue box and whisk me away to an island of paradise.

  22. Marquita C. says:

    My ideal gift would be dinner and some form of fun entertainment!

  23. Meryl says:

    Lots of dark chocolate truffles!

  24. Louis says:

    An extra delicious dinner and dessert.

  25. rachelewang says:

    Chocolate for sure! Preferably dark chocolate :)

  26. Julie says:

    Just spending time with my boyfriend and family

  27. Donna says:

    I just want a fun day with my daughters and husband

  28. Prasert says:

    Having a nice date with my wife

  29. Linda says:

    Roses, a beautiful night and then just sitting under the stars

  30. brendecia says:

    A romantic dinner date

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