Let’s Talk Storage: Curtains on Bookshelves, Storage Ottomans, and Trunks as Coffee Tables

I’m currently driving Fab absolutely insane talking about furniture…thank goodness I can talk to you guys about it, because I’d be in troooooouble!  One of my main concerns with our move is storage. I will be the first to admit that our current storage system is pretty bad non-existent.  You know how it is, if you don’t deal with clutter right away, it just multiplies and gets harder to tackle.  Currently, there is quite a bit of random stuff that just doesn’t have a home, and I am determined to change that in our new home.   Unfortunately, one of the things I’ve found is storage is EXPENSIVE! Here are some of the storage ideas I’ve found online that are super easy and inexpensive.

Curtains on Bookshelves to Hide My Shoes!

I’m sure you guys are not surprised that the biggest storage issue I have is my shoes! :) I have received several requests for pictures of my closet/office. Umm, it’s really quite embarrassing! I own well over 200 pairs of shoes and because my office is also a guest room with a huge queen size bed, that takes up one wall I don’t have a ton of wall space for shelving.  So, most of my shoes still live in boxes, and those that don’t have boxes are lined up haphazardly on the floor by the bed. It’s soooo sad. Lol!  All of that is going to change when we move! I’m going to invest in a few more Target bookcases to use as shelves for my shoes without causing any permanent damage to the walls.  Target’s tall Room Essentials bookcases are only $30…pretty much the cheapest bookcases around!  I can fit about 30 pairs of shoes on each bookcase, so with three of of them, I still won’t be able to get all my shoes off the floor and out of boxes, but I should he able to take care of about half them (and mos def my favorites!).  The rest will be in the closet.

Beyond just getting the shoes on shelves, I’d also like to be able to hide my shoe storage, as needed, but shelves with doors are twice the price!  I kept thinking that curtains would be a cheap, easy option, but I dismissed the idea because I thought it would look tacky! Finally, this morning, I decided to just google the idea and see if there were any non-tacky images out there.  Lo and behold, it can actually work, and be very cute!  This particular example was one of my favorites (probably because it actually showed the idea being used for shoes…most were for toys and stuff!).  I would probably hang my curtains on a rod for easy opening and closing, but it gave me a good visual.  This person was EXTRA resourceful by setting an out-of-box pair on top of a boxed pair for double storage power! LOVE IT!


Upholstered and Tufted Storage Cubes Under a Sofa Table!

Cabinets, sofa tables, and pretty much any piece of furniture with shelving, drawers, and storage capability are automatically more expensive than furniture without storage.  Instead of spending big bucks on a credenza, I love the idea of using a regular ol’ sofa table with upholstered ottomans, storage cubes, or even baskets underneath for extra storage!  And of course, with ottomans, you also get extra seating…


Use a Trunk as a Coffee Table!

Besides shoe storage, deciding on a coffee table has been the other thing that I’ve been obsessing about.  Do I go with a storage ottoman? or a coffee table with shelves and drawers? What about a coffee table with a hinged top? There are SO many options! I am leaning heavily towards to using a trunk as a coffee table. I really love the look of it, but there is one drawback…one big storage compartment means getting anything in or out means removing everything from the top surface…that’s no bueno!  So, I’m still on the lookout for the perfect solution…but here’s the kicker, I’d prefer not to spend more than $300. Lol! (Clearly, if I go the trunk route, my trunk won’t be Louis Vuitton. Lol!)


Do you have any clever, inexpensive storage ideas for me?



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8 Responses to “Let’s Talk Storage: Curtains on Bookshelves, Storage Ottomans, and Trunks as Coffee Tables”

  1. Tasha says:

    Most of my shoes are in clear boxes in my closet behind a curtain. I actually like it like that. Then I have a book shelf that has several of my favorites along with other faves to find them easier. I did the ottoman thing in Atlanta. Loved how it worked with my room. Go to flea markets in Savannah to find good vintage trunks. Make it a fun weekend trip. Can’t wait to see how the new space works :)
    Tasha recently posted..$200 Spending Challenge at Target
    Tasha recently posted..$200 Spending Challenge at Target

  2. Great ideas I invested a little under 100 in our last place to get my shows organized and in order but then when we moved to this new place it didn’t workout. My shoes are extra cramped. I’m still trying to find a solution I thought about the shelf but had never seen it with a curtain. It looks good and a tad “royal” which is kinda of my them.

    Chica Fashion recently posted..Little Black Swing Dress
    Chica Fashion recently posted..Little Black Swing Dress

  3. I had sliding door on my closet then it fell off it's track and fell on me …bizzare i found a cute Canvas like curtin and that's how i hide my junk. I just swing it closed if i have anybody up in there. I love the idea, and i don't have to see my closet one side at a time. I think using a trunk is a good idea my mom did that when i was younger.

  4. Rocquelle says:

    I have been using a large bookshelf for shoe storage for about a year, though I need another, and I love it! I don’t use curtains because I like being able to look at them, but that’s a great idea! If you want more traditional furniture options that include drawers and such at an affordable price, I suggest looking for vintage pieces at thrift stores and and estate sales. I love the idea of a trunk as a coffee table, and there are plenty if inexpensive options for that (just don’t put too many items on the coffee table ;-)).
    Rocquelle recently posted..Blue Skies and Sunshine
    Rocquelle recently posted..Blue Skies and Sunshine

  5. Sing says:

    My kind of post. For shoes maybe keep some of the boxes filed and stacked according to kind; boots, sandals, heels, etc and take photos of each pair and tape them to the outside of the box. I did this in my closet once and it worked out super well to see everything I had. For a coffee table, how about one that has a lower shelf to be used for magazines, storage containers, etc. That way you have additional storage but without lifting the top surface up and removing things. The key when vexed for storage is to have furniture that serves as double duty as you've shown.
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  6. Liz says:

    I have a whole room as closet room with clothing racks & bookcases for shoes and purses. I like the curtain over the bookcase idea and the ottoman with storage too. I need any & all help to keep my closet craziness contained especially when I have a packed event calendar. O_o
    Liz recently posted..Still in LOVE…..
    Liz recently posted..Still in LOVE…..

  7. Atiya says:

    This would be an awesome time to check out Pinterest! They have the most awesome and clever storage ideas. I have def picked up some amazing tips from them. I clearly have a storage obssession! I love the book cases but my boyfriend has already yelled at me for making our room a walk-in closet! Lol. That's why I announced yesterday that whenever we get a house, I am going to have to have a walk-in closet so we won't have to worry about this. Lol

  8. Dean Ashby says:

    I think that there's a lot of planning that needs to go into storage space for that many pairs! Haha! I am not sure about whether stacking them this way would be the best way – although is preserves the shape of the shoes and helps to air them out. Also, another idea would to have pictures of the shoes on the front of the boxes so you know what's in storage.

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