Camo + Leather

Could this combination get any more perfect? Camo and leather are just a casual, but edgy match made in fashion heaven. Lol!  I wore this outfit to a party at the Tommy Hilfiger store in Beverly Hills on my last Thursday night in LA.  It was actually the only fashion event I attended while I was there. I had intended to reach out to all my blogger boos to try and arrange a dinner while I was there, but between work, and visiting with friends and family, I just didn’t have time.   Usually, when I go home, I’m there for work…I really need to just take a week and go home on vacation so I have more time to visit with people and do fun stuff.

How to Wear Spring 2013 Camo Trend | The Fashionista Next Door

Bisou Bisou Faux Leather Shorts via JC Penney (sold out, try eBay) | Imperfect Concepts Boutique Camo Tee ($28.50) | JustFab “Amazon” Sandals ($40) | The Sak Crossbody Bag (similar) | Old Necklace

Spring 2013 Camo Trend | The Fashionista Next Door Camo Tee | The Fashionista Next Door

Anyway, while I was there I realized that really miss LA’s laid-back fashion sensibility.  My t-shirt and leather shorts fit right in.  I’ve mentioned to my friends back home that I sometimes feel underdressed at events here in Atlanta, where everyone is bodyconned down…with stilettos…and a full face of makeup…at all times.   I mean, I enjoy a good bodycon from time to time, but I’d just as easily throw on a pair of boyfriend jeans and a basic tank top with a killer pair of heels, and some lip gloss and mascara to go out back home…and I wouldn’t think twice about it.  I’ve done that here, and while I was comfortable with my look because it was true to my style, I will admit to feeling a tad bit under dressed and out of place.   I definitely feel the pressure to try and dress up a bit more here…but to be honest, when I to step out of my lane, I sometimes end up feeling uncomfortable with my look.  So, I guess while I was in LA, I was reminded to just stay true to myself.  I don’t seem to have that problem when I’m there, because my style is so in line with LA’s overall aesthetic, which is very faux-effortless.  Lol! I say “faux” because LA women spend a lot of time and money perfecting that I-just-woke-up-looking-this-fabulous-look.  So, it’s not really effortless at all…it just looks and feels effortless.

What to Wear with Leather Shorts | The Fashionista Next Door Spring 2013 Camo Trend | The Fashionista Next door Eboni | The Fashionista Next Door What to Wear with Leather Shorts | The Fashionista Next Door

Anyway, that rant was totally unplanned! I was supposed to be telling you how you could get this super cute camo tee at Imperfect Concepts Boutique for $28.50.  It comes in sizes S – XL, and I got the small.  The fit is perfect! It’s a unisex tee as opposed to a fitted women’s tee, so you’ll want to keep that in mind when selecting your size.  I wanted a fit a bit closer to the body, especially in the waist, so I went with the small…for a more oversized look, I would have gone with a medium.  I rolled the sleeves to give it a more polished look.

How to Wear a Camo Tee | The Fashionista Next Door How to Wear a Camo Tee | The Fashionista Next Door JustFab Amazon Sandals | The Fashionista Next Door

Where are you from? And, what’s your city’s style aesthetic?


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12 Responses to “Camo + Leather”

  1. tashaicb says:

    You look super cute. I love the combination of camo + leather.

    Yes girls in Atlanta are dressed up all the time. One time I was at the mall at 10 am and saw girls hair done, full face of make up and sky high heels.

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  2. @arialyssa says:

    I love it! Yes, I sometimes feel out of place in Atlanta because everyone seems to be so overdressed, but at the end of the day, I feel so much better looking "effortless"! I'm just a chill, Chi City girl. Love this look. I'll definitely be trying it soon.

  3. I still have not worn my shirt yet! I hope Tash doesn't kill me!
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  4. I understand WHOLEHEARTEDLY! I feel so out of place in Tennessee! Most of my peers rarely feel the need to dress up, so it's crop tops and cutoff denim shorts… ALL THE TIME. That's cool to walk over to the pool with, but sometimes a girl just wants to wear a sundress and heels! lol
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  5. Cute! I'm going to try this combo. :-)
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  6. MJ says:

    That camo top is too cute! Love the look! :)
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    MJ recently posted..Summer Beauty Wish List

  7. Debby says:

    I was just about to say I love your laid back outfit! Of course you're in my hometown :D.

    xoox Debby

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  8. Corie says:

    Always stay true to yourself. I'm a laid back person; always have been. I honestly don't like dressing up. When I go to certain events here, I dress to my liking. My liking only. But you look cute Eboni! I love the camo!
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  9. KeeKee says:

    I love this look! Totally cute! Girl stay true to yourself/your style. You can’t go wrong!

  10. Omora says:

    Ok…So I absolutely love this look!!! How dare u post those shorts to tease me!!! Sold Out Eb, Really??????

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