Sister, Sister

See these smiling faces…these are the faces of two sisters having a goofy good time at the cutest little ice cream shop in Old Fourth Ward — Jake’s Ice Cream Shop.  ATLiens, why didn’t anybody tell me about Jake’s? Aside from having the most amazing organic ice cream (and dairy and vegan options, too), the place is just super cute with an eclectic mix of cozy, worn-in furniture, antiques, and books to peruse.  I fell in love with the place as soon as I walked through the doors…

How-to-Wear-2013-Leather-Baseball-Cap-Trend-001 How-to-Wear-2013-Leather-Baseball-Cap-Trend-002 How-to-Wear-2013-Leather-Baseball-Cap-Trend-008

Kasper Blazer (thrifted) | Zara Blouse (last season) | Tahari ‘Ali’ Over the Knee Boots | Isabel Marant for H&M Scarf c/o H&M  | Brass Plum Faux Leather Baseball Cap | Zara Bucket Bag | Lips: Maybelline “Hot Plum”

How-to-Wear-2013-Leather-Baseball-Cap-Trend-015 How-to-Wear-2013-Leather-Baseball-Cap-Trend-003 How-to-Wear-2013-Leather-Baseball-Cap-Trend-006 How-to-Wear-2013-Leather-Baseball-Cap-Trend-004 I posted a picture of my sister on Instagram, and a friend of mine commented that she didn’t realize I had any siblings.  She actually thought I was an only child.  I guess I don’t talk about my family very much, do I?  I am actually the oldest of 4 brothers and two sisters…the youngest of which is 13! I am the only child from my mom and dad, but both of my parents remarried years later and had children (but we don’t refer to each other as half brothers and sisters…we’re just one big happy family…brothers and sisters…period!).  My sister, Noel, is the youngest on my mom’s side and I am a full 10 years older than her.  She just moved to Nashville in August for college, so this probably won’t be the last time you’ll see her on the blog.  I also have a brother in college in Alabama…and it’s a shame that we don’t spend more time together with him being so close! Aaaand, I have a brother at the University of Idaho finishing up his last year of undergrad…and the rest of my siblings are back in Cali!  So, there you have it…I’ve got a pretty big family, but I can see why someone might get only child vibes from me.  It was just me for a loooooong time before my parents had any more children, and I’ll admit to being pretty spoiled. Lol.

How-to-Wear-2013-Leather-Baseball-Cap-Trend-007 How-to-Wear-2013-Leather-Baseball-Cap-Trend-011 How-to-Wear-2013-Leather-Baseball-Cap-Trend-010 How-to-Wear-2013-Leather-Baseball-Cap-Trend-012 How-to-Wear-2013-Leather-Baseball-Cap-Trend-013

Photos by Colby Holiday

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10 Responses to “Sister, Sister”

  1. Sing says:

    Ah what a sweet post. You guys both look great. I love your look, so gonna pin it.
    My recent post Girly Girl

  2. Julie says:

    The photos are amazing, I love this post, really friendly and sweet :)
    Moreover, what a awesome outfit !!!

    Julie ♡
    PS : Don't hesitate to participate to the competition currently on my blog :)

  3. Te'Rea says:

    I really love this look. The purple accents is so chic!
    My recent post Salute!

  4. Chi Chi says:

    I love those jeans! That lipstick is so pretty on you.

  5. Nic James says:

    Your look is so chic and effortless. I love it! Those boots are fierce! I have a younger sister too…16 years younger to be exact, lol. Everyone thinks she's my daughter, lol!

    My recent post ::Inspirational Tuesday:: The Balancing Act

  6. Super sweet Eboni and love this post. I am super close to my baby sis too but in her case she think she can rule me. LOL. Both of you look Gorge and adore both of your outfits.
    My recent post Today's Look: By Brave Leather & Everly Clothing!

  7. Such a sweet post! I love those boots!

  8. Shanda says:

    So now I have to make a point to find Jake's! Love the look girli!

  9. Diamonde DeNiquie says:

    love this!!!

  10. lushtoblush says:

    Love the hat! I'll definitely have to check that ice cream place out!!

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