Wednesday Wisdom: Discipline is a Choice

Discipline is Just Choosing Between What You Want NOW and What You Want MOST

I’ve been knee-deep in holiday party outfits, and I totally forgot about Wednesday Wisdom last week.  Oops!  Anyway, I stumbled upon this quote on Pinterest last week when I was fighting the urge to shop my life away with all the holiday sales.  There is so. much. great. stuff. on sale right now…some things that I’ve had on my wish list for a looooong time, but I had to say no! Why? Because what Fab and I wanted most was to spend Christmas with my family in California this year, and let me tell you, those plane tickets are NOT cheap!  Not to mention, renting a car, buying Christmas gifts, and just general travel expenses…it all adds up.  So, instead of spending a bunch of money on super cute clothes, shoes, and trinkets that I want now…I clutched my wallet and held out for what I wanted most…

What challenged your ability to stay disciplined lately?


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One Response to “Wednesday Wisdom: Discipline is a Choice”

  1. Ohhh nice, another cali girl blogger! Well, I know you're in ATL now but your roots are californian! Heheheh

    I'm traveling to NYC for the holidays but I'm not giving any gifts! Times are very trying on my wallet! Trying to stay on course everyday though.
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