J. Crew Jeweled Cluster Sweater for Way Way Less at Kohl’s!


You know those super cute and enviable jewel embellished sweaters at J. Crew?  The ones that ring in at anywhere from $98 to $199?  Well, envy no more! If you’re on a budget (like me!), you can get a very similar look at Kohl’s for only $38 (plus an extra 20% off until tomorrow!)


I bought the Elle Embellished Sweater from Kohl’s in gray, and loved it so much I’m considering getting it in black, too!  J. Crew has a few different jewel embellished sweater options — one of which is actually a sweatshirt (sold out, but pictured above along with their Jewel-Cluster Sweater).   If you prefer the sweatshirt look, you can also try this one at Dillard’s for $59.  I haven’t seen it in person, but I would guess that it’s probably pretty cute!

Shop the Elle and J. Crew versions below!

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2 Responses to “J. Crew Jeweled Cluster Sweater for Way Way Less at Kohl’s!”

  1. Loren Hackney Allen says:

    You know what would be even cheaper? If I thrifted a sweater or got a simple one from a discount store and make it myself!

  2. Loren Hackney Allen says:

    I'm up to the challenge!

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