Guest Post: A Valentine’s Day Beauty Idea From Lush to Blush!

Hello Fashionista Next Door readers! I’m Megan and I blog over at Lush to Blush. I am so excited to be here to share a Valentine’s Day beauty look with you all! We all have different plans for Valentine’s Day, but if you’re going on a hot date or out on the town with the girls, give this sultry look a try – you’re sure to impress with this one!

This looks requires 3 key points: contouring, smokey eyes, and loose waves.

1. Contouring: To emphasize the shape of your face, is is important to use a highlighter and a bronzer. After applying your foundation and concealer, start by dabbing a highlighter/brightener on the highest point of your cheeks and blend. Then apply a small amount down the bridge if your nose, the area above the part in your eyebrows and right on your chin to just above the lip. Next, apply bronzer along the lower line of your cheekbone, right above your temples, and along your jawline. If you also want to make your nose look more slender, apply a small amount on the sides of your nose. Blend it all together and set with a finishing powder.

2. Smokey eyes: Smokey eye can be a little tricky. I start off with a nice, neutral shimmer base all over the eye. Next, line your eye with a black or brown eyeshadow to create a cateye shape (like you would with liner). Then thicken the line by adding more shadow on top of the existing line, but create a slight slant by adding the most shadow on the outer corner of your eye, and decreasing the amount as you near the inner corner of your eye. Use a blending brush to work it in and up to the crease. Add a lighter, shimmer shadow to your brow bone, just beneath your eyebrow. Now line your eyes with liquid liner in a cateye shape and apply your mascara. *I chose a more subtle look here, but if you prefer to make more of an impact, simply use more/darker shadow. And I know, I need to get dem brows under control.

3. Loose waves: You can create beautiful, loose waves with a flat iron that has a rounded barrel. Start by separating your hair into sections as if you were going to straighten it. Starting at the roots, hold the flat iron vertically and clamp the straightener on the hair. Twist the flat iron 360 degrees away from your head and back. Then slowly pull the hair through the iron by moving the flat iron away from you (see photos). Be sure to apply hair spray appropriately. When you’re done, flip your head upside down and run your fingers through your roots. I like to apply hairspray while my head is flipped upside down as well.

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  1. Jonesy says:

    Nice post! I really like how her eyemakeup turned out. Simple and pretty. I love my hair in loose waves.

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