Wednesday Wisdom: When You’re Tired, It’s a Sign…


Hey ladies! Eboni here…so, I have been the worst blogger ever the last few weeks.  I seriously need to write you guys a heartfelt letter about The Struggle (it’s so real).  Once again, I’ve been contemplating laying down my virtual pen, because quite frankly, I’m just tired…but I just love this little blog sooooo much, and my heart is just not ready to let go.  I have one last guest post for you guys, that was actually supposed to be posted last week, and after that I’m going to take a break until next week.  The back to back travel has really taken a toll, and I am still working 10 – 12 hour days on the day job, and lately I’ve just had no creative energy in the evenings….I don’t even wanna talk to anybody.  I just want to play Candy Crush and catch up on Love & Hip Hop, New York on Hulu (don’t judge me!). Lol.


So, this weekend will be my first full weekend back in Atlanta with NOTHING to do in 2014.  I am hoping I can regroup and come back refreshed next week, and ready to blog and chat.  I’ve got new shoes to share…and I’m working on getting my life with Weight Watchers…and Fab’s birthday is next week…there’s just so much to share and chat about.  Thank you guys for hanging in there with me these last few weeks.  Don’t give up on me just yet…



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10 Responses to “Wednesday Wisdom: When You’re Tired, It’s a Sign…”

  1. Chi Chi says:

    It's cool, take a break. You should think about taking a blogging break that is longer than a week. Maybe a month. Call it a break, call it a fast, but take the time you need to rest up and be motivated once again. Refocus yourself. :) Wishing you the best…Oh yeah, I secretly play Candy Crush every night after baby #3 goes to sleep. Sometimes I put off dishes and laundry to play. lol

  2. Rest well Ife! Don't doubt that we will all be here for you whenever you get back. Take all the time you need.
    My recent post Mission #27, Day 3–Fedora

  3. Miss Sassy says:

    Take your time! You must live well and be balanced before anything.

  4. Briana says:

    We know your work life gets real twice a year, we were prepared! But pleeeeease don't give up on blogging! TFND is one of the few blogs that I actually enjoy the pictures AND the writing! Take a break for yourself, but don't give up!

    • hahaha!! It's the special friends like you that I've met along this journey that keep me going! It's so funny, I was having a conversation with one of my friends back home, and she said "but your blog friends are not your real friends because you don't know them." And, I was like "okay, you don't get it…I DO know them, and they ARE my friends…they probably know about whats going on in my life than you do." HMPH! Lol. So, anyway, thanks for being such a loyal reader…I appreciate ya!

  5. Veronica says:

    I know exactly how you feel which is the same reason I haven't blogged lately. I really feel like letting it go but I CAAAANT bring myself to actually close up shop. I haven't been traveling like yourself but I've been working on trying to get my own biz started and trying to stay on top of that AND take care of an infant AND take contract work when i can, it's hard to be able to focus on the blog. But I promised myself that I would try harder but not FORCE it.

    You make sure you get the rest you need. Maybe after you get some time to think and refresh you'll see something that inspires you to continue on. Much love sis!

    My recent post Tres Chic | SJP Shoes by Sarah Jessica Parker

    • Thanks for your encouraging words! I know EXACTLY where you're coming from…you have so many other life stuff going on, but it's like my blog is my special place…it kinda keeps me sane in the midst of the madness!

  6. Danielle says:

    Rest up —you definitely need a break but if you leave this blog, I'll have to come to your house personally to put some clothes on you and take your pics…lol.

  7. Jessica Chanel Harris says:

    I understand!! I am not a blogger but I am a 4th year dental student. I know what The Struggle is all about! lol. Take all the time you need. I don't post a comment often but please believe I soooo look forward to your outfits and posts. So don't give up, follow your heart and beeeee rested. You deserve it. You are not alone in your thoughts, goals and guilty pleasures lol… (i play subway surfers before bed and watch Wendy Williams) lol. So from a loyal follower, Keep fighting the good fight! Wish you the best.

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