Breaking All The Rules…

I’m baaaaaack, after taking a much needed blogging break.  I can’t technically call it a vacation because I’ve still been working insane hours at my full-time job, but just giving myself the freedom to sign off at the end of the night and just chill made all the difference in my stress level.  I feel refreshed!

how-to-wear-leather-leggings-IMG_5733 So, Fab’s birthday was last week, and this Saturday I threw him a little soiree at Dave & Buster’s.   Fab loves to see me in a sassy little dress, but after trying on a few flirty frocks, I realized that I just could not play skee ball in a dress…and I could not go to an arcade and not play skee ball.  Sooooo, plan B consisted of a pair of faux leather leggings.  Okay, so I’m skirting dangerously close to breaking my own rule about wearing leggings as pants. Lol!! But, Fab loved it…in fact, Fab loves leggings, period.  The thing is he’s a leg man, so leggings and a great pair of heels are the next best thing to a dress.

how-to-wear-leather-leggings-IMG_5745 how-to-wear-leather-leggings-IMG_5754 So, anyway I didn’t totally break my own leggings rule because my tunic was long enough to cover my buns, but not quite as long as I would normally wear with leggings.  Still, I really loved the outfit, and most importantly, the birthday boy gave it two thumbs up!

how-to-wear-leather-leggings-IMG_5739 how-to-wear-leather-leggings-IMG_5744 how-to-wear-leather-leggings-IMG_5765 So, let’s talk about this jacket! It’s sooooo cute, right?  Can you believe it’s from JustFab?  Once again, they’ve knocked it out the park with a great apparel piece.  You all know how I feel about their jeans…and how much I loved last year’s mini collection of dresses and rompers.  So, I was super excited to see this jacket hit their website last month…

how-to-wear-leather-leggings-IMG_5748 how-to-wear-leather-leggings-IMG_5743 And, speaking of JustFab, these shoooooooes! They’re my new favorites…I love the chunky heel, the crisscross straps, and the edgy ankle strap.  So cute! The style is called ‘Richelle’ and it also comes in cognac…I think I need both colors!  They’re also pretty darn comfortable.  I mean…they’re heels, so it’s not like walking around in sneakers, but they stood up the test of a 4 hour party at an arcade, so that’s saying something.  I think the chunky heel and 1/4 inch platform really help in the comfort department.

how-to-wear-leather-leggings-IMG_5752 JustFab “The Easy Jacket” ($39.95) | Leggings via Nordstrom Savvy Dept (similar) |

Have a GREAT week!! xoxo.





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10 Responses to “Breaking All The Rules…”

  1. Welcome back! Happy birthday to Fab! Sometimes comfort trumps cute, but you've managed to be both here! And who can resist some leather leggings anyway? Great look Ift!
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  2. 1408TV says:

    You look great and getting rest is always a great thing!

  3. Shanada L. Williams says:

    Love it!

  4. Beauty & The Beat says:

    How adorable are you?! This look is so chic and fun! Love it!
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  5. Sonya K says:

    I love those shoes! You look great and sometimes it's nice to break your own rules.
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  6. Skee ball is my favorite arcade game! And I love that braid. You look fabulous! Glad to hear you had a fun night :)
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  7. The whole look is Fabulous!

  8. Mary Byrd says:

    Love this look!

  9. Kiki says:

    Loving the shoes, I like a nice chunky heel. I'm thinking about getting these shoes myself ;) The jacket… JustFab really!?!? They are really stepping their game up I see. You look adorable, fashionable and comfortable. I wear leggings as "pants" but would wear them with a shirt that wouldn't cover my behind. ;)
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