If You Missed Out on My ShoeMint ‘Romy’ Last Summer (or just didn’t want to pay $79)…

So, remember my black ShoeMint “Romy” lace up sandals from last summer?  (seen here and here).  Well, they were just a tad bit pricey, and they sold out super fast!


Well, if you missed out on them, or if you just didn’t want to pay $80, guess what?! You can now get the look for less at JustFab for $39.99.  I mean, seriously…the JustFab version is pretty much spot on, except that it’s faux sude (the ShoeMint version is real suede).


The JustFab “Vernon” was just released this month, and comes in three colors — black, nude, and red.  Since I missed out on the nude color from ShoeMint, I think I’m going to go ahead and snag these from JustFab.  I also love the red, but not sure how I’d wear them.  I own red sandals now that I’ve never worn.  I love color, so not sure what that’s all about, but Fab is forcing me to stop I’m trying to work on not buying shoes that I’m not going to wear right away.  Pray for me…


Thanks for stopping by!!  xoxo.



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5 Responses to “If You Missed Out on My ShoeMint ‘Romy’ Last Summer (or just didn’t want to pay $79)…”

  1. Those are so cute! I love the nude ones
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  2. takeiinspired says:

    Ohh these are lovely thanks for sharing!

  3. sasa says:

    Cool post:) <3

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  4. Are they comfy to walk in though? I really like them and wouldn't mind a tan or black pair.

  5. kelly says:

    Amazing shoes! They look good on you.


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