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If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve probably noticed I’ve been sharing all the wonderful and stylish ways you can incorporate green into your wardrobe this spring (plus a really amazing green sofa that I need in my house like yesterday).  As I’ve mentioned a million times before, green is my absolute favorite color, so I’ve had a ton of fun working with Caress® on this campaign.  The bad news is my ever growing wish list just got a a little bit longer because I realized that I just don’t have enough green in my wardrobe!  First on my list is this green sequin skirt! I mean, seriously…where has this skirt been all my life?  I also must have these green ankle strap sandals.  I own two pairs of green pumps, but no green sandals.  I’m slippin, yo!

Anyway, this post is not supposed to be about my personal wish list. Lol! I’m supposed to be telling you how to incorporate green int your wardrobe.  I’ve got one word for you — FLORALS! Green + floral prints = a springtime match made in heaven.  It’s a pairing that occurs in nature, so it always works…always!  Throw in some stripes for a look that is totally fresh and modern.  On that note, I’d also like to point out that green looks amazing with almost any color… I mean, have you ever seen a flower that didn’t “match” its leaves? I think not.  So go ahead and channel your inner flower and pair all your spring and summer lights and brights with vibrant green accessories.


1.  ASOS Highland Heeled Sandals, $76 // 2.  ShoeDazzle “Brilliant Bloom” Earrings, $19.95 (also in neon) // 3.  Topshop “Island Life” Dress, $64 // 4. Topshop Necklace, $28 // 5. Topshop Breton Stripe Linen Tee, $36 // 6.  Topshop Floral Print Tank, $48 // 7.  Topshop Sequin Skirt, $138 // 8.  Topshop Aloha Floral Print Bikini, $68 // 9.  Zara Hi-Rise Striped Shorts, $59 // 10. Baublebar Necklace,  $38// 11. JustFab ‘Mellrose’ Bag, $39.95


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  1. Carsedra McKoy says:

    Really pretty dress!!

    You picked some great items, I love items 1, 3, 5, 6 and 10.

    Carsedra McKoy:

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