I Really Love My….Gap Original Fit Jeans!

So, you know how People StyleWatch has their “I Really Love My” column that highlights celebrity faves that they were over and over?  Well, I always look at that and think “I should do that on the blog” because I definitely fall in love with certain pieces ans wear them oooooover and oooooover again.  It’s just a fun spin on the  whole X Ways to Wear an Item thing.  So, right now I am kind of obsessed with boyfriend jeans again.  It’s likely because we’ve seen them return to the forefront of denim trends this season after we saw them on the Spring 2014 runways, and now my social networks are being flooded with inspiration. (YES!!)  So, I have to tell you guys it to me a looooong time to find the perfect fitting boyfriend jeans.  I’ve had several pairs that I liked, but never a pair that I LOVED…until now.  I am so in love with these Gap original fit jeans.

3-ways-to-wear-boyfriend-jeans Original Posts: Look #1 // Look #2 // Look #3

So, the thing is, I don’t know if these were necessarily intended to be “boyfriend” jeans…they are very true to their “Original Fit” name.  It’s just a really classic fitting pair of jeans — straight leg, 100% cotton with zero stretch, with a button fly.  You could theoretically size up or down to get a tighter or looser fit, but for me a size 29 is just a perfect slouchy fit.

I think what I love about them is that they look like a really expensive, $200 pair of jeans, but Gap jeans are always super affordable…in fact, I’m sure they were under $100, but I ended up getting them for like $20 on clearance so I really lucked out!  Now, I’m just kicking myself for not buying another pair. (sigh.)

I did find a bunch of other cute, affordable boyfriend jeans that I figured I’d share…

Do you have a favorite pair of jeans that you wear over and over?


p.s. Gap, if you want to bring these back…I promise I’ll buy at least 2 pairs, and I’ll share them with everybody I see.  Pretty please?

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  1. What a great idea for a little blog series! These jeans look great on you!
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  2. These jeans look great on you. I have yet to find the perfect boyfriend jeans.
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