Wednesday Wisdom: A Flower Does Not Think of Competing….


So, you know I’ve been working out really hard and eating right…and I am making progress, but when it comes to weight loss goals, progress is never fast enough, right?  I spend a lot of time on the internets looking for new workouts, recipes, and inspiration…but sometimes, it goes the other way…and instead of feeling motivated, I start playing the comparison game…which is always dangerous.  I find myself thinking things like

“dang, she lost that much weight in only 4 weeks”

“ugh. I’m never going to have abs like that”

“what am I doing wrong…why am I not reaching my goals.”

Bad news bears!! Comparing my progress to others doesn’t do anybody any good…it’s the opposite of motivational, and I know better!  Every body and lifestyle is unique, and there are just sooooo many factors that go into weight loss and fitness…age, metabolism, body type, lifestyle, blah blah blah.   Comparing my progress to people who are obviously so different from me is just pointless.  All that matters is that I keep on moving forward….keep on working out…keep on eating right…and progress and “growth” will happen at its own pace.  And, I thought today’s quote was just the perfect reminder to channel my inner flower and “just bloom.”

Do you find yourself playing the comparison game when it comes to reaching your 


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5 Responses to “Wednesday Wisdom: A Flower Does Not Think of Competing….”

  1. @MJ_Beauty says:

    You are soo right! For years I struggled with my weight doing fad diets and going on little workout sprints. None of it stuck and I always compared myself to other people around me. What changed this time was though was just focusing on little steps. It started out with just working out once a week. If I did that, I had permission to pat myself on the back. Then it crept to two and now its up to three. The same with eating. I would say to myself if I don't eat out today, I'm golden! And soon that one day turned into a few days.

    Now I can proudly say that in the last 9 months I lost 30 pounds (baby weight and old weight!) and went down a dress size.

    Good luck to you and keep on keepin on!

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  2. Omora says:

    Love this post!! We are somewhat on the same page.
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  3. loveandclothing111 says:

    I have been working on not doing that to myself anymore! I try to remember when I see people with results like that, that I do not know the entire story of how they got them! Great food for thought for the day!
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  4. Sammi says:

    Such a great message! Thank you for sharing. I'm on a weight loss journey myself right now, and yes – I find myself comparing to others often. It's easy to slip into that mindset! This quote and your post is very encouraging, and I'm going to try to keep this mindset as I continue forward!
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