Saturday Brunch at Folk Art

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Saturday, Fab and I met up with some friends for brunch.  This is starting to become our Saturday ritual, actually.  Ooooh! maybe we should start a brunch club, and I can write about all my fave spots in Atlanta here on the blog?  That would drive Fab CRAZY.  Lol!  He hates when I take pictures while were eating, buuuuuut I managed to get away with it this weekend, somehow.

So anyway, this weekend, we went to Folk Art in Inman Park.  It’s a casually cool spot with an artsy kinda vibe…lots of reclaimed license plates and vintage paraphernalia on the walls.  The food was good…not remarkable…but good.  On the other hand, the selection of craft beers and cocktails was outstanding.  We all started with a round of  What’s Up Docs, a cocktail that combines  vodka, carrot juice, apple cider, and fresh ginger…but we all swapped out the vodka for bourbon.  Yum, yum, yum!  Fab also tried a craft beer from Chicago with his meal – Finch’s Mocha Porter (I totally forgot to steal a sip, but he enjoyed it.)  And, I finished my meal off with a Southern Hospitali-tea…tea infused gin, Grand Marnier, and lemonade…sooooo good!  Fab didn’t love it…he said it was too sweet…but I thought it was delicious and refreshing!

I was good, and I only took pictures of my own food…didn’t want to be too obnoxious, right? By the way, taking pictures of food is soooo hard..what looks good on your plate, can look downright gross in pictures!  If I’m going to blog about the brunch club, I guess I better start reading up on food photography! Lol.  Anyway, I had fried green tomatoes as an appetizer.  I LOVE fried green tomatoes, but I can’t make them to save my life.  Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating…I’ve only tried once, but  I couldn’t get the batter to stick, which was dumbfounding to me because I can fry  the hell out of fish, which is also tricky in the batter department. (Sigh.)  Anyway, if fried green tomatoes are on the menu, it’s pretty much a given…I’m going to order them.  Folk Art’s fried green tomatoes were actually really good.  I’d order them again.  For my meal, I ordered lobster rolls, but I was so full from the tomatoes and the cocktails by this point that I couldn’t eat them both.  They were okay…definitely rich and meaty and like a lobster roll should be, but a little salty for me.  But overall, I enjoyed my food.

What I’m Wearing:  Suakoko Betty Hawa Swing Dress (same dress in a different print available at Belk), ShoeMint “Garbo” Pumps (sold out, but almost identical at DSW), American Apparel Medium Carryall Clutch, super cold earrings.

What did you do this weekend?



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15 Responses to “Saturday Brunch at Folk Art”

  1. Khadijah says:

    LOVE THIS LOOK! We need Suakoko Betty in NYC!
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    • imani1029 says:

      Hey Khadijah, Belk, the store that carries Suakoko Betty, can ship anywhere in the US. I know the designer and her stuff is amazing! Give it a shot.

  2. Shanda says:

    Awesome dress! Awesome food! And a awesome idea! I think you’d have a great turnout. Everyone loves brunch, especially me!! Lol :)

  3. lushtoblush says:

    Great look! Those shoes are amazing. And YES you should start a brunch club!! :)

    xo Megan, Lush to Blush
    My recent post Matchy Matchy

  4. Cookie says:

    Love the dress! Fab's tee shirt is everything!!!

  5. Prissy says:

    Super cute dress! Food looks delish.
    Heeeeey Fab!

    My recent post Glam Style Squad: Marshalls Edition

  6. Jennifer Colgrove says:

    This dress!!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!

    Jenna from <a href="">Visions of Vogue</a>

  7. fshnonmymind says:

    Man, now I could really go for a lobster roll lol. I think you should totally start a brunch club. If I lived in Atlanta, I would be first to sign up.

    Love that dress! How is the sizing because I have my eye on one of them. The print mixing is fabulous.

    • so, I just went and looked at all of my Suakoko Betty dresses, and it's so funny…none of them have sizes in them. Lol!! I bought all of mine at trunk shows and from Beehive in Atlanta, before the collection was in Belk stores…my guess is that the dresses are TTS. I'd probably go with a size 8 for myself because the fabric doesn't have any stretch…You can also reach out to the designer, Charlene, on email at….give her your measurements, and she can def give you some guidance (and she also does custom work!)

  8. Tamika Sims says:

    Your dressssss! I DIE!!! perfect pairing with those heels. I love this!

  9. lisaalamode1 says:

    These pics look great! YUMMMMY!! And I love that dress!
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  10. LOVE the dress! (as you already know lol hehe)

  11. Audrey says:

    im so jealous! we gotta do a big group brunch this saturday, the only requirement i have is that it has to have unlimited mimosas

  12. Anonymous says:


  13. Marsha says:

    LOVE ❤️❤️

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