Get Down with Frizz Ease® and Win a Trip to NYC! #DownFor30


Happy day-before-Friday! So, I recently accepted the Frizz Ease® #DownFor30 challenge to wear my hair down for 30 days straight! No ponies, no buns, no top-knots…for 30 days, I’ve gotta let my locks flow free.  Ummm, I think we can all agree that such a challenge is harder than one may think.  My messy top knot and curly high pony are my go to styles in a pinch!  And, with my every-other-day workout schedule, a pinch is well……every other day.  Before, my wash-and-go would last a full week, but I puts in work at the gym, y’all…and all that sweat means, I must wash my hair more often.   And, that’s wear things get tricky.  You see, acheiving my normal wash-and-go is basically an all day process.  (I guess that means it’s not really a wash-and-go, huh?) I mean, it only takes about 20 minutes to wash, condition, and detangle my hair, buuuuuut then comes the long part.  I apply my styling products, and plop my hair for at least 30 minutes, then allow it to air dry…and when it it’s 100% dry, I fluff it out, and that’s the point at which I have a wearable style.  Up until the fluff step, my hair basically looks like dry and slightly crunchy, but somehow still shiny jheri curl??? I know what you’re thinking…how is that even possible…trust me, it is.  Anyway, I digress.  The air dry step is what takes aaaaaall day.  I mean, literally, if I need to go somewhere at 5pm, I have to wash my hair no later than 7am because it takes that long to dry!  But the worst part is, unless I want to reveal my jheri curl to the world, I can’t leave my house all day while my hair is drying.  Obviously, #aintnobodygottimeforthat ever other day. Lol!  When it was just once a week, I could just plan for it,  and throw a top knot in here and there between washes, but going through that whole rigmarole every other day is just not going to happen.

Enter the Frizz Ease® #DownFor30 challenge…

I’ll be honest, when my friends at Glam reached out and asked if I’d like to participate, I was hesitant.  First of all, I am always scared to try new products on my hair, and committing to wearing my hair down every day for 30 days was equally scary for all the reasons above.  But, since I’d been looking for a more manageable wash-and-go routine anyway, I figured what the heck…CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!

My first step was to find the right products for my hair.  Frizz Ease® has a really great hair profiling tool on their website that makes product recommendations based on your answers to a quick survey about your hair’s texture and curl patter, your unique hair concerns, and your styling goals.  As a styling product, they recommended the Frizz Ease® Curl Reviver Styling Mousse.  I’ve always been kinda scared of mouse because I just picture the big, slightly crunchy curls of the 80’s, but my friend Deanna over at Mommygaga has the most amazing curly hair, and she uses mousse…so I opened my mind and decided to give it a try.  By the way, Frizz-Ease™ mouse is alcohol free so you don’t have to worry about it drying your hair out.  I also picked up the Go Curlier™ Heat Activated Spray, and the Extra Strength Six Effects™ + Serum.


Over the weekend, I decided to give my new products a try.  It was perfect, since I had a lot on my schedule for the weekend, and I didn’t have time for my all-day air dry wash-and-go process.  Here’s what I did….

  1. I washed, conditioned, and detangled my hair as usual.
  2. Next, I sprayed my hair thoroughly with the Go Curlier™ Heat Activated Spray.  I’m guessing I probably used 15 – 20 pumps.
  3. Next, I gave my can of mousse a good shake, and sprayed an egg-sized amount into the palm of my hands, which I worked and scrunched through my curls.
  4. Last step, I broke out my long forgotten blow-dryer with its diffuser attachment, and I blow-dried my hair upside down until it was almost dry.  (a long time ago someone told me that was the key to frizz free curls with a diffuser…blow-dry your hair until it’s almost dry, and let it air dry the rest of the way).


That’s it! From start to finish, the process took about 35 minutes, and I was out the door.  So much better than all day, right?  It definitely gives my hair a slightly different look than my air-dried wash-and-go routine…I noticed that my hair didn’t clump into tight corkscrew curls like it normally does, so the curls are a little less defined and more stretched than usual…but I still like it, and it definitely works in a pinch.

frizz-ease-products-for-natural-curly-hair-review001 frizz-ease-products-for-natural-curly-hair

So, who wants to join me for the #downfor30 challenge?  Frizz Ease® is hosting an amazing contest on Instagram – share your down hairstyles with hashtags #downfor30 abnd #sweeps, and you’ll be entered to win trip for 2 to New York!  I won’t share all the details here, but how does 2  round trip plane tickets, 4 nights at the W Hotel Times Square, and a Brunch Cruise for two around Manhattan sound? (umm, Amazing!) And, there’s much, much more…so, head on over to to learn more about the contest and get some #downfor30 hairstyle inspiration…and GOOD LUCK!!


Frizz-Ease believes that when you pull your hair back, you also pull yourself back. So we’re challenging women everywhere to take on the world hair-first and wear their hair #downfor30 days straight with the help their favorite Frizz-Ease products. Join the movement at


Photos by Arianna Elizabeth Photography
(except the product shots, and  step my step photos of my hair…gotta give a shout out to Fab for those…he dreaded every minute of it, but he made this poste possible. Lol!)

Disclosure: Compensation was provided by KAO via Glam Media.  The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of KAO.

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  1. @MJ_Beauty says:

    Ooh, wearing my hair down for 30 days straight would be a big challenge for me. Mine stays in a high puff 90% of the time! But, if you have the right products that definitely doable. I'm gonna have to try out that mousse!

    Great review! :)
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