Gillette Venus + The Fashionista Next Door: Top 5 Leg Baring Must Haves For Summer!

leg-baring-trends-for-summer This post is brought to you by Gillette® Venus®.  All opinions are my own, and always honest.

It’s leg baring season, ladies.  As you’ve probably noticed, I’ve been showing a lotta leg in my recent posts, and all that leg action means my razor has been working overtime.  You guys know that my legs are my favorite feature, and I love showing them off, buuuuuut I’ve mentioned before that I have very sensitive skin.  And if you have sensitive skin like me, you already know how tricky summer can be…the combination of heat and shaving can be a formula for disaster if you’re not using the right products…and a really good razor is an absolute must.  I am a huge fan of Gillette® Venus® razors, and back in March, Venus® introduced a new Embrace Sensitive razor.  As the name suggests, it’s tailor made for sensitive skin.  Since it has 5 blades, I’m able to get a SUPER close shave without having to go over the same spot more than once, and the moisture ribbon that surrounds the entire head of the razor, has a touch of aloe and really acts as a cushion that protects my skin from irritation.  And, getting a really close shave means I can shave less often.  All of these things working together means I don’t have to worry about skin irritation relegating me to a week of jeans in the middle of Atlanta’s blistering, humid summer…because that’s just the worst!

So, I partnered with Gillette® Venus® to put together a little video showcasing my Top 5 Leg Baring Must Haves for Summer, and as you might have guessed, my Embrace Sensitive razor is one of them.  Press play to check out the other four…

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3 Responses to “Gillette Venus + The Fashionista Next Door: Top 5 Leg Baring Must Haves For Summer!”

  1. Jamie says:

    For me, anything that shows off my calves is a no-brainer. Sundresses, shorts, capris, you name it. My legs are one of my best features so summer is a great time to show them off! Good post!
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  2. Sonya Jones says:

    I did not like it. However, I did not use it on my legs. :)

  3. shadesofbellz says:

    loving the prints in the skirts and the striped shorts…looking awesome as usual:)
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