Warm Weather Leather…

Warm weather leather has been a big trend for the past few years, but let’s be honest…this is a regional trend.  Lol.  The window of opportunity for warm weather leather in Atlanta is super short.  In April and early May, you can get away with it because the weather is warm, but you’ve still got a cool breeze and it’s not too humid yet.  But once that humidity sets in, you can forget about it!  I bought this skirt last July, and at that time it was just too hot to wear…you know, unless I wanted to be sticking to every piece of furniture I sat on.  Lol.  I figured I’d save it for fall, but I never got around to wearing it…so here it is almost a year later, making its first appearance…

Leather Skater Skirt | The Fashionista Next Door

This blouse is actually a never worn purchase from last summer, too.  I bought it on clearance at Old Navy along with a bunch of other tops.  Have I ever told you guys that I have a strange aversion to buying tops?  Seriously, it’s a real thing…my friend Danielle laughs at me.  Every time I buy a top, I send her a text. Lol.  It’s strange…I go shopping, and all I want to buy is dresses, bottoms, and shoes.  But, what the heck am I going to do with all those bottoms if I don’t have any tops?  To be honest, I think it’s because I have a hard time finding tops that I think look good on me.  I’ve mentioned before that I am most insecure about my upper body…first of all, I have big arms, so I can’t even tell you guys how often I have to size up in a top because the sleeves don’t fit, and then the rest of the top is too big.  Same with my back…and my shoulders.   Finding a perfect fitting top is just frustrating, so I think I just give up and buy bottoms instead.  Lol.  That said, I have to be very intentional about buying them, which usually leads to be buying a bunch of them at once in an omg-why-don’t-I-have-any-cute-tops frenzy.  It was in one of those top frenzies, that I bought this blouse.  And in general, I have found that Old Navy’s tops are a great fit for me.  Now that I think about it, some of my favorite tops are from there…

how-to-wear-leather-in-spring-009 Leather Skater Skirt | The Fashionista Next Door JustFab Tote | The Fashionista Next Door Leather Skater Skirt | The Fashionista Next Door The Fashionista Next Door The Fashionista Next Door Leather Skater Skirt | The Fashionista Next Door Green Pumps | The Fashionista Next Door Old Navy Blouse | ASTR Skater Skirt via Nordstrom (old, similar and super cute, but both are$100) | Old Zara Pumps, but new version in stock  ($49.95) |  JustFab “Industry” Tote ($39.95) | Old Jewelmint Necklace 

Thanks for stopping by! xoxo.


Photos by Arianna Elizabeth Photography


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10 Responses to “Warm Weather Leather…”

  1. Sam Coley says:

    Girl, that girl is fly. love the color an you look amazing.


  2. 2coastsfashion says:

    Oh my goodness, I looove this skirt!! What a fabulous color! I love that you paired it with green – so adorable! xoxoox Danielle @ http://www.fortheloveofleopard.com
    My recent post Favorite Spots

  3. You look super cute and in love with that skirt.

  4. I'll take those shoes and that bag! You look good girly!

  5. lushtoblush says:

    Omg I love this look SO MUCH!! I need that skirt!!

    xo Megan, Lush to Blush
    My recent post Accessory Concierge $100 Giveaway

  6. shenneth says:

    What a fab skirt! Love how you styled it.

  7. Cute skirt and great color combo! :-)
    My recent post Sew New: Denim Dress

  8. Toni says:

    Eboni, I'm the opposite re: buying tops! I wouldn't say I have an aversion to buying bottoms. It's just easier for me to find a cute top that fits well (because I have a small top frame) than to find a nice pair of bottoms that fit my curves just as well (I'm all hips, thighs and butt)!

  9. Merrie K. says:

    I agree…I think the "warm weather leather look" is so cool, but it's definitely not for people in the south. I thought we had a short spring in Atlanta, but now that I'm in Phoenix – it's really short! Cute look and I love that you paired in with green pumps…take care!
    My recent post A Modern Retro Hairdo'

  10. StushiGal Style says:

    I love love love this bag! And the skirt is so cute!
    My recent post The Jumpsuit: An Evening Look

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