Achieving Balance (Growing Up Is So Hard!)

As an adult, life balance is something I struggle to achieve daily.  In fact, this year, balance was my one and only New Year’s resolution.  If you think about it, achieving balance encompasses any other goals I might have…working out, eating clean, spending more time with Fab, playing more and working less…none of these things are possible without balance, and conversely, these are also the things that will help me achieve balance.

Well, we are halfway through 2014, and I am so happy to say that with dedication, and a lot of encouragement from the hubby, I’ve made great strides in my quest for balance this year!  Yay!!

I’ve been spending more time with Fab…


I’ve been spending my weekends hanging out with friends an family, instead of working…


I’ve been working out 3-4 times a week…

I’ve gone on TWO vacations this summer! (say whaaaaaaat?)

VenusPerfectMatch-Gillette-Venus-Snap-Review-011 Hiking-in-Breckinridge

I’ve been cooking more…


I’ve even been shopping less, and saving more (like, for reals!!)

Rearranging the priorities in my life certainly hasn’t been easy for some like me.  I’ve mentioned before that I am a very goal-oriented, task-driven person, so achieving balance for me also means fighting the urge to use every waking hour to mark things off  Life’s To-Do List.  And, if I’m being totally honest, I take a lot of pride in my highly ambitions personality and work ethic.  I think these are excellent traits to have.  But, balance isn’t about completing tasks or reaching goals…it’s about reaching a place of inner peace and harmony where JOY is not dictated by merely by accomplishments…it’s about reaching a place where you can enjoy the journey.

So, like I said, rearranging my priorities hasn’t been the easiest over the last several months, but it’s so been worth it.  Honestly, I really have Fab to thank because when he sees my life starting to get out of whack, he gently nudges me back in the right direction…ya know, he’ll remind me that there’s nothing so important that it can’t wait until morning (a.k.a. get some sleep!)…he doesn’t let me slack off on work outs…he’ll bring me lunch when he sees me having one of those I-can’t-get-up-from-this-desk kinda days…and he reminds me to make time for family and friends on the weekend, because work with be there on Monday.   These are all things that I know, but often forget when I’m in the thick of it all, so I’m just really luck to have a partner who really cares about my overall well-being, and wants to see me live a more balanced life.

I also have to admit that I don’t always acquiesce to Fab’s gentle reminders…I’m known for catching a major attitude, followed by a long speech to defend “my good work ethic.”  But, in the end I know Fab is right…good work ethic doesn’t have to come at the expense of life balance. The truth is there are times when I’ve felt like I was “slacking off” because instead of spending my Sunday night handcuff to my computer writing blog posts for the week, I chose to cook Sunday dinner or cuddle up on the couch with Fab and watch a good documentary…or instead of spending my entire weekend jumping from one blog event to the next, I decided to hit the gym or go out to brunch with friends and family.  But I have to remind myself, that spending time with loved ones…cooking for my family…and working out are things that I love just as much as fashion blogging, and ultimately doing more of ALL the things that make me happy is going to lead to balance.

Who helps you achieve balance as a busy adult?


Like a good neighbor State Farm is there.


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7 Responses to “Achieving Balance (Growing Up Is So Hard!)”

  1. Sosena Desta says:

    Great post, Eboni! And congrats on this huge accomplishment! I struggle with balance too and hearing your journey is encouraging. Keep doing what you do! And we still need to get together!

  2. Ebony Lai Hing says:

    Super awesome!! Im trying to be more content where I am. I'm glad balance and change is working for someone!! Kuddos :)

  3. Niecy says:

    Aww the ever illusive balance. So glad to hear you are finding a way to balance it all. You have a fabulous life and deserve to enjoy every bit of it!
    My recent post SBW

  4. Thank you for this post.

  5. Dominique Rene says:

    You guys are starting to look alike now ☺️

  6. KeeKee says:

    I love this post and it's so true! Glad that you are finding balance and taking time to just be you!

  7. Kenzie says:

    LOVE this post!! i smiled the whole time i read it!!!
    My recent post Whats in my purse?

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