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Our Server is Getting a Facelift! (We’ll Be Down for a Few Hours Tonight!)

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Tweet Hey beautiful people! You may have noticed recently that TFND has been having some trouble with SLOOOOOW load times…and even worse, it’s been going down completely several times a week…and sometimes even several times a day.  Needless to say, this is been driving me NUTS!! I never want reading TFND to be a unpleasant […]

Google Reader is Shutting Down, Folks…


Tweet Welp, my friends, Google Reader is finally shutting down on Monday, July 1st (that’s in 3 days!).  This comes as no surprise after they booted all non-blospot sites off Google Friend Connect…was that a year ago?  Anyway, at that time the rumor was that they were trying to force everyone to move over to Google+. […]

Ugh! Unfortunately, I Have to Start Moderating Comments!


Tweet Sorry, guys!  If any of you are WordPress users out there, you’re probably already aware that WordPress blogs have been getting bombarded with spam comments for the last few weeks.  I’ve heard several theories about why this is happening all the sudden…from a specific plugin being hacked, to WordPress itself being hacked.  I’m not quite sure what the deal is…but […]

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