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Wednesday Wisdom: A Ship is Always Safe at Shore…


Tweet But, that’s certainly not what it’s made for!  You guys, I am not the type of person that likes to take risks, but taking the safe route never led to greatness, right?  I am at a crossroad in  my career right now, and it’s becoming more and more apparent that the safest choice may not be the best […]

Wednesday Wisdom: Do More of What Makes You Happy…


Tweet As someone who lives in a constant state of busy-ness, this is a good reminder to carve out time for the things that really make me happy.  I’m terrible at this, you guys.  Fab gets on my case all the time because I live such a “task-based” life.  I just go from one task […]

Wednesday Wisdom: My Mission in Life is Not Merely to Survive…


Tweet Maya Angelou passed away today at 86, so I thought why not celebrate the life and talent one of my personal all-time favorite writers with today’s Wednesday Wisdom.   I think this particular quote sums up Angelou’s life perfectly.  If her mission in life was to “thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, […]

Wednesday Wisdom: I’ve Got 99 Problems and 86 of Them Are Completely Made Up…


Tweet This quote just made me chuckle.  You guys don’t know this about me…but Fab and my mom will tell you, I am one of those people that completely stresses out about every. little. thing.  Literally, I am always stressed…I’m kind of a control freak…ya know, I don’t like feeling out of control of any […]

Wednesday Wisdom: A Flower Does Not Think of Competing….


Tweet So, you know I’ve been working out really hard and eating right…and I am making progress, but when it comes to weight loss goals, progress is never fast enough, right?  I spend a lot of time on the internets looking for new workouts, recipes, and inspiration…but sometimes, it goes the other way…and instead of feeling […]

Wednesday Wisdom: When You’re Tired, It’s a Sign…


Tweet Hey ladies! Eboni here…so, I have been the worst blogger ever the last few weeks.  I seriously need to write you guys a heartfelt letter about The Struggle (it’s so real).  Once again, I’ve been contemplating laying down my virtual pen, because quite frankly, I’m just tired…but I just love this little blog sooooo […]

Wednesday Wisdom: I Will Be Grateful…

I Will Be Grateful for This Day

Tweet   The last 24 – 36 hours in Atlanta have been grueling and full of uncertainty.  When I woke up at 5am to see that the roads were still gridlocked with stranded motorists being forced to sleep in their cars in below freezing temps…children stuck at school, and even worse, stuck on schoolbuses…my heart […]

Wednesday Wisdom: Discipline is a Choice

Discipline is Just Choosing Between What You Want NOW and What You Want MOST

Tweet I’ve been knee-deep in holiday party outfits, and I totally forgot about Wednesday Wisdom last week.  Oops!  Anyway, I stumbled upon this quote on Pinterest last week when I was fighting the urge to shop my life away with all the holiday sales.  There is so. much. great. stuff. on sale right now…some things […]

Wednesday Wisdom: It’s Not Selfish to Love Yourself…

it is not selfish to love yourself

Tweet   I don’t have any particular reason for choosing this quote today.  It just sat with me.  As women, we wear many hats and at times it can feel like you’re living your entire life to make other people happy.  Sometimes a quiet reminder that it’s okay to make your own happiness a priority […]

Wednesday Wisdom: Laugh Until Your Belly Hurts…

Laugh Until Your Belly Hurts and Then Just a Bit More

Tweet I don’t know the science behind laughter, but I do know that a good, hard laugh never fails to make my feel great.  In that moment when I’m  laughing so hard my that my belly hurts and I can’t breathe, and tears start to well up in my eyes, all my worries seem to […]

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