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Style Me Friday Inspiration: Plaid!

How To Wear 2013 Plaid Trend

Tweet Happy Monday! It’s 1:40 am, and I’m typing with one eye open, so I’m gonna make this quick! You may have noticed that plaid is having a moment this fall.  Warm plaid coats…preppy plaid blazers…punked out plaid button ups…skinny plaid jeans and tailored plaid trousers.  All things plaid are in, and the best part […]

Style Me Friday: The Leopard Coat Inspired by Nicole Richie (It’s a Link Up!)

How To Wear a Leopard Print Coat 007

Tweet Happy Friday!!! I was so excited about this week’s inspiration…you guys  know how much I love leopard print, and there is just something so special about a leopard print coat…or in this case a leopard print jacket.  (I do have a faux fur option as well, but it’s definitely not cool enough for that […]

Style Me Friday, Week 33: The Maxi Skirt (It’s a Link Up!)

How To Wear a Maxi Skirt | The Fashionista Next Door

Tweet Happy Friday!!! You guys are gonna laugh…do you know I didn’t even realize that this was Labor Day weekend until yesterday afternoon?  Crazy right?  I have so much going on at work, and I’m going on vacay next week, so I was writing out my plan for getting everything done by next Tuesday…and then […]

Style Me Friday, Week 32: The Button Up Shirt

A Casual Button Up Shirt | The Fashionista Next Door

Tweet Happy Friday!!! I overslept today, so I’m a little groggy trying to write this.  You know how your brain takes like 30 second breaks between thoughts because you’re awake, but it’s not? That’s the zone I’m in right now.  I think I better keep it brief. Lol! I have quite a few button up […]

Style Me Friday, Week 24: The Crop Top {It’s a Link Up!}

How to Wear Spring 2013 Crop Top Trend | The Fashionista Next Door

Tweet Alright ladies! Who rocked their crop top?! I have a confession to make, after all that encouragement I was spitting about how wearable this trend was…I have to admit, I emailed Arianna yesterday morning and told her that she had a tough job on her hands this week because she had to make me […]

Style Me Friday, Week 22 Link Up: Shorts Suit (or Separates Suit??)


Tweet Happy #StyleMeFriday!!  So, after shooting with Arianna one time, I’m totally spoiled!  We had a schedule conflict, and she wasn’t able to shoot my Style Me Friday outfit this week (insert sad face), so I had to suck up to my old friend, The Tripod.  And he gave me a really hard time because […]

Style Me Friday, Week 21: Slacks and Trousers…Inspired by Atlantic-Pacific! {It’s a Link Up!}


Tweet Happy Friday!!!  I hope everyone had a great week. I’ll be honest…this week kind of got the best of me.  You guys probably could have guessed that since I haven’t checked in since Tuesday. (Shame on Me!)  Oh well…next week will be better!  In the meantime, let’s get into this week’s Style Me Friday. […]

Style Me Friday: White Jeans (or pants!) {It’s a Link Up!}

how-to-wear-white-jeans 019

Tweet Happy Friday!!! This is a VERY HAPPY Friday for me because I took the day off work in honor of my favorite holiday of the year…MY BIRTHDAY! Lol!!! It’s tomorrow, but I’d feel cheated if I didn’t take at least one day off during the work week to celebrate.  So today, I plan to […]

Style Me Friday: Sweatpants and High Heels {It’s a Link Up!}


Tweet T-G-I-F y’all! I don’t think I would have made it another day this week.  I am SO tired.  I worked all week, and I’ve been packing and blogging at night, and we’re moving this weekend.  I’m taking a couple days off next week, but I probably should have taken at least one day off […]

Style Me Friday Inspiration, Week 8: Preppy with a Pop of Red!


Tweet Happy Monday!!! I hope everyone had an amazing weekend. I skipped  blog stuff and hung out with Fab and tended to my forgotten house duties for once! I’ve really gotta get better about that this year.  My weekends are usually spent running around from this event to that one event, and my house just […]

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