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I’m Alive, Y’all!


Tweet I know y’all have probably been wondering, what in the world happen to Eboni?  I kinda just fell completely off the map, but I can’t really apologize because I reaaaaally needed the break.  The mental break actually started a while ago before the physical break when I wrote this post about gaining 12 pounds, […]

Achieving Balance (Growing Up Is So Hard!)


Tweet As an adult, life balance is something I struggle to achieve daily.  In fact, this year, balance was my one and only New Year’s resolution.  If you think about it, achieving balance encompasses any other goals I might have…working out, eating clean, spending more time with Fab, playing more and working less…none of these things […]

My Guilty Pleasures… (What Are Yours?)


Tweet What do Fab, shoes and French fries have in common? I find all three to be quite irresistible. (Giggles!) Today, we’re talking all about guilty pleasures, and for me shoes and French fries definitely qualify.  Fab totally doesn’t count…no guilt there!  But, shoes and French fries. (Sigh.)  I really need to say no, but alas, […]

Praying for Oklahoma.

Tweet I’ve been handling the string of tragedies lately pretty well, but the tornadoes in Oklahoma broke me.  I just cried. It’s so heartbreaking.  I can’t pretend to understand the pain and anguish people in Oklahoma must be feeling right now.  And, I won’t mock their suffering with platitudes.  But, I am praying for you, […]

Ugh! Unfortunately, I Have to Start Moderating Comments!


Tweet Sorry, guys!  If any of you are WordPress users out there, you’re probably already aware that WordPress blogs have been getting bombarded with spam comments for the last few weeks.  I’ve heard several theories about why this is happening all the sudden…from a specific plugin being hacked, to WordPress itself being hacked.  I’m not quite sure what the deal is…but […]

What’s Up With Me? Where Have I Been? Why No Blog Posts?


Tweet Hey lovely people! I am just stopping in to let y’all know that I am still here.  I know it’s Wednesday, and the only thing I’ve posted this week is the Style Me Friday inspiration.  So, there are are a few things going on… You guys know I was out of town the entire […]

DMX – How’s It Goin’ Down (Super Random…This Used to Be My JAM!!!}


Tweet Ummm, I realize this is super random, but this used to be my SONG! and I just figured I’d share. Lol!  It’s just too bad y’all can’t see me wrapping into my air mic right now!! I’m having a full concert.  (I actually wanna start sharing more music…although my musical selections are likely to be […]

JustFab & Kimora Are Back Tonight for House of Fab, Episode 2! {My Two Cents & a Twitter Party}


Tweet For all my Kimora Lee Simmons and JustFab fans out there,  this is just a quick reminder to tune into to the second episode of House of Fab tonight! If you missed last week’s episode, don’t worry! You can check out some memorable moments on the House of Fab website. Okay, so what did […]

I Hope My Turkey Comes Out Better Than Gina’s {Video}


Tweet I think I may have mentioned this before, but almost everyone in Fab’s family is a vegetarian.  Every year, we spend Thanksgiving with his family, and I actually rather enjoy the vegetarian dinner.  It’s obviously very different from what I am used to with my side of the family, but it’s still super good! […]

For All My Friends on the East Coast…

2012-09-08 18.15.45

Tweet To think that I was just stomping the streets of New York two months ago for fashion week.   My buddy Danielle (who lives in Queens) and I were walking to a party when we passed the New Yorker sign, and she said “Hey! You should get a picture of the New Yorker sign…that’s […]

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