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Style Me Friday: Inspired by Beyonce

style-me-friday-inspired-by-beyonce 008

Tweet Was this week super long for anyone else? TGIF is an understatement right now. LOL! I’m in need of a mid-day nap…and some good Mexican food…and a margarita.  (maybe I’m just missing Cali?) Anyway, this week’s Style Me Friday is long overdue.  My girl Koco over at Cheap, Chic, and Curvy submitted this Beyonce […]

Who Run The World?

Tweet This past Sunday, a group of friends and I were discussing Beyonce’s new single “Run the World.” I am sure you all know that this wasn’t her most well received single, but I like I told my friends, “Don’t ask my opinion because I am biased. I am a die hard Beyonce fan, and […]

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