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H&M: Fashion Against Aids + Fitting Room Fun

Tweet Friday, I headed over to H&M to see if I could snag a few goodies from the Fashion Against Aids collection.  Not only is it FABULOUS but 25% of the proceeds go toward AIDS and HIV awareness projects  H&M has been partnering with DAA (Designers Against AIDS) for three years and have raised over […]

The Stanky Leg (or Goofy Pics)

Tweet Today’s pics are ESPECIALLY goofy! I think my outfit says it all… I was clearly in a playful mood this morning! In case you guys haven’t notice the set of my daily photo shoots looks like a big warehouse…well, that’s because it is a warehouse. It’s the warehouse in the back of my office. […]

The Fashionista in the Next Cubicle

Tweet Today’s OOTD is dedicated to those fabulous chicas at my job!  Meet Chelsey… She has fabulous style and fabulous hair!!!  and a tan that I’d give my right pinky to have! j/k, j/k, but seriously her Italian tan puts my “high yella” butt to shame! What Chelsey’s Wearing… Sweater: Jet Black Cardi from H […]

Goofy Pics: Today’s Outfit…

Tweet Hey ya’ll!  I’m still trying to get the hang of this self portrait thing.  It doesn’t help that I lost my camera charger and have been using my iphone to take pictures.  My boyfriend and I have an ongoing iphone vs. blackberry war… I have to admit that the camera on his blackberry storm […]

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