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Hanes Wants to Know…What’s On Your Fall Wish List?

The Fashionista Next Door Fall Wish List

Tweet Alright ladies, Hanes wants to know…what’s on your fall wish list?  Well, the truth is my closet isn’t lacking much in the fall fashion department, but there are a few things I’d love to pick up…you know a few finishing touches here and there….starting with a fabulous plaid Leslie Tessler Cape I tried on […]

Hanes Wants to Know…What’s Your #UndercoverColor?

Hanes Bandini Bra

Tweet Alright ladies, we’re getting personal with this one…but I consider you guys to be family, so you know…why not? Lol! So Hanes asked what’s my #UndercoverColor…as in umm…what color underwear do I wear? Lol! Well, to be honest, as much as I love color on the outside, my #1 Undercover Color is black. I […]

How to Wear Sheer Pantyhose, Inspired by Miranda Kerr!


Tweet Happy day before Friday!! How’s everyone’s week going so far?  My week has been really great.  I worked out every day except yesterday, which is supposed to be my mid-week off day, since I like to work out on Saturday and Sunday.  I’ve also been cooking dinner at a reasonable time all week! YAY! […]

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