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InStyle Neutral Know-How Bookmarks to Save, Print or Pin!


Tweet You asked, and InStyle answered! Ever since my Neutral Know-How series was featured in the August issue of InStyle, I’ve received several emails from you all requesting printable versions of the Neutral Know-How bookmarks that inspired the series.  The digital copies I used for the series on my blog were digital copies from my […]

Spotted: InStyle Magazine & CurlBox


Tweet Happy Monday!!! Last night, I touched back down in Atlanta and I am EXHAUSTED…but alas, there is no rest for the weary, and I’ve got lots of exciting stuff waiting for my attention.   Many thanks to Prissy, Leslie, Trina,  Channing, and Cheryl for holding down the fort last week.  You all rock!!! If you […]

Neutral Know-How: Olive + Coral

how-to-wear-camouflage-print (8)

Tweet Guess what, my friends!! We made it to outfit #20!Yay!!! *hi-five* *happy dance* *body roll* As you may recall, I didn’t have anything “cantaloupe” in my wardrobe, so I asked you all to vote on what color I should wear in its place…you all picked coral! So here I am rocking my camo pants, […]

Neutral Know-How: Khaki + Pumpkin

zara-orange-taupe-basic-sandal 018

Tweet just. ate. dinner…can’t. breathe…must. sleep. now. Yep, that’s how I feel right now, so on that note, I will say one thing…I didn’t actually go anywhere today (unless the mailbox counts)…after working from home over a year, I no longer fear wasting a good outfit…I just get dressed because it feels good…but I love […]

Neutral Know-How: Olive + Celery


Tweet As I type this, I’m watching Game of Thrones….and I can’t focus, so I’m gonna stop trying. LOL! I think we’re about halfway through the episode, and they haven’t given me any updates on Khaleesi’s dragons! *side eye* I don’t care about Rob Stark’s new girlfriend…they spent like 10 minutes on her story…bah! (sorry […]

Neutral Know-How: Khaki + Lime Green


Tweet Neutral Know-How outfit #17!!!! Yay!!! Only three more looks to go.  I am no good with challenges (remember how long it took me to finish 30 for 30?)…I always get bored, so I’m proud whenever I finish a challenge.  This is another one I pulled out of the hat from nothing.  I didn’t think […]

Neutral Know-How: Ivory + Forest Green


Tweet Today is one of those days where I have zero time…and I would have skipped posting altogether, but I am determined to get through these last five Neutral Know-How looks this week…and I am already a day behind because yesterday instead of taking pictures on my lunch break, I took a trip to urgent […]

Neutral Know How: Ivory + Buttercream Yellow

buttercream-yellow-tweed-jacket-silver-pumps 013

Tweet I’ve totally been slacking on taking outfit pictures, so today I was DETERMINED to take pictures by any means…and of course, it rained!  I know, I know…I really need to get my life together and learn the proper settings for taking pictures indoors.  And, speaking of camera settings, I bought a remote trigger for […]

Neutral Know How: Gray + Seafoam (on a Lazy Sunday!)


Tweet This outfit is anything but special.  I was feeling super lazy on Sunday, and our A/C was being repaired so I was HOT!  If it weren’t for the fact that we’d rolled and squeezed every last bit of toothpaste out of the tube Sunday morning, I probably would have put off my trip to […]

Neutral Know-How: Gray + Lavender


Tweet Happy Hump Day!!! I’m having a hell of  a week, so I am very  happy to be at the halfway point.  The weekend can’t get here quick enough… Anyway on to the outfit…this is Neutral Know-How look #13 and it might be my least favorite, so far.  I mentioned before that I don’t love […]

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