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She’s Got Flare…


Tweet Yesterday, I met up with the girls for dinner after work.  I was in a chill, no-fuss kinda mood… I just wanted to be comfortable, and it doesn’t get more comfortable than jeans and a sweater, right? But, just because I went the comfy -sweater-and-jeans route, doesn’t mean I wanted my outfit to be boring.  I still wanted […]

The Simple Life


Tweet Happy Thursday! I literally have 6 minutes to get this post up before signing in for work so I won’t share much.  I’ll just say that I LOVE this collar necklace that my friends at Gentry sent me.  It is such a simple statement piece! (Don’t forget Gentry’s giving TFND readers $10 off all […]



Tweet A couple Friday’s ago I tried the backwards cardi trend, and I mentioned that I am very insecure about my back, and promised to write a separate post about it.  Well, this post is going to be about that, and a couple other insecurities.   I guess I’ll start by saying that I know most […]

Style Me Friday: Inspired by The Frugalista Diaries


Tweet Happy Friday!!! Gotta love a short week, right? I think every Monday should be a holiday…but then I guess we’d all start to hate Tuesday?  Anyway, today’s look comes from my girl Megan over at The Frugalista Diaries, and she actually submitted a look from her own blog! I’d been waiting for one of […]

Nothing Special

jessica-simpson-spaid 004

Tweet There is really nothing special about this outfit. It’s just something I threw on in the morning because I knew I needed to run to the post office on my lunch break.  I really just wanted to show off these shoes because I’ve had them for a while and for some reason I just […]

Don’t Worry, I’m Still Alive

hm-corset-gap-boyfriend-shorts-jessica-simpson-dany 020

Tweet In case you were worried about me (probably not), don’t worry! I am still here.  It feels like forever since I did an outfit post. When was the last one? What was I wearing? I can’t even remember…Oh, it was the cropped top.  That was last Friday! Sheesh! (This is me talking to myself)  […]

Goofy Pics: OOTD + Seven "Dojo" Jeans @ Costco for $100!!

Tweet Don’t ask why I’m up at 1 am blogging.  I’m having a little trouble sleeping. Perhaps it was the nap I took at 6???  This really sucks because I actually feel tired, but I just can’t sleep so here I am.  I actually meant to post my OOTD earlier today, but I was feeling […]

Goofy Pics: Failed Silverlake Jubilee OOTD + Blogging Indentity Crisis

Tweet Yesterday was an interesting day filled with ups and downs, but altogether good times.  I spent the day with my good friend Gylli.  We intended on going to the Silverlake Jubilee street festival… ummm #FAIL!  We drove all the way there just to be utterly frustrated with the traffic and parking.  After sitting through […]

Goofy Pics: Celebratory OOTD + yesterday’s Ann Taylor LOFT buys

Tweet Yesterday, I met up with the girls for Happy Hour to celebrate my engagement.  We went to “Something’s Fishy,” a Japanese Hibachi Grill and Bar in Woodland Hills.  Happy Hour prices were great.  They had several rolls to choose from at 1/2 off (about $4 each), and 5 different martini options for $5.  BEWARE:  […]

Graduation Day Outfit (plus an extra SPECIAL surprise!)

Tweet It’s been quite a few days since my last post.  Sorry, I had a very busy weekend GETTING ENGAGED!!!! Ahhhhh! My boyfriend (now Fiance) surprised me with a very selfless and charming proposal on his graduation day!  If you wanna read more about the proposal check out my other blog It’s a great […]

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