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Style Me Friday: Daytime Sparkle {It’s a Link Up!}


Tweet Happy Friday!!! I have a special announcement to make…I’m moving!!! Yay!! Some of you know that since I moved to Atlanta I’ve been lamenting about how spread apart everything is and how I live in the boonies!  Seriously, it takes me a good 40 minutes to get everywhere except Atlantic Station, which takes 30 […]

Sole Searching: 48 Pairs of Comfortable Black Booties {Reader Request}


Tweet Earlier this week, my buddy  @JelainePJ hit me up on Twitter in search of some recommendations for comfortable wedge and/or flat black booties!  Well, you all know I have a thing for black booties (I own 15 pair and counting!), so I was more than happy to help out with her search.  Now, I am […]

Style Me Friday: White Tuxedo Blazer

victoria-secret-white-tuxedo-jacket 002

Tweet Happy Friday!!! I am extremely exhausted, you guys.  Today can’t go by fast enough! I’m looking forward to hanging out with some friends by the pool this weekend…maybe even get a tan! Lol.  Do y’all know it is supposed to be 106 degrees in Atlanta, tomorrow…PLUS HUMIDITY! Craziness, right? Anyway, today’s Style Me Friday […]

First Signs of Spring: Sheer & Pleats

nine-west-leopard-sandals 019

Tweet So, I’m watching Gossip Girl again.  I finally made it to season 3, and more importantly Chuck and Blair are finally a couple. I was really fed up with those two fighting the love. LOL!  I love them together.  I’m sure it won’t last (don’t tell me!)… Oh, and Serena is getting on my […]

Black Friday Buys

Tweet So, I didn’t buy much on Black Friday. I resisted the urge (not that I had much of a choice considering my budget) to actually hit the streets and go shopping but I did buy a pair of shoes on Go Jane for $17.35 and they arrived today…and I LOVE THEM! I’ve had new […]

The Nude Wedge Saga Continues…with progress

Tweet Yesterday, I think I may have found a pair of shoes to temporarily quench my indelible thirst for the perfect pair of nude wedges.  What do you guys think?  I purchased these shoes at Wild Pair and they were on sale for $29.99, perfect for my current budget.  They are 50 – 70 bucks […]

Special Delivery + Goofy Pics: OOTD

Tweet Wednesdays are always particularly hard for because I have a 7:30 am staff meeting.  Only 30 minutes earlier than usual, but if feels like 3 hours, and I’m usually a full on zombie! Anyhoo, I was getting settled at my desk waiting for my Outlook to load when I received a delightful, yet unexpected […]

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