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These Metallic Cage Heels Are a $15 Must-Have!


Tweet Ladies, for $15, you need these shoes.  I mean, look at them!  Metallic. Cage. Heels.  They’re just all types of amazing!  I’m actually pretty shocked that they’re still in stock.  I’ve seen many a shoe sell out on ShoeDazzle long before they hit the clearance section.  I won’t question it…I’ll just relish in the fact […]

Hmm, How Do We Feel About Tall Open-Toe Boots?


Tweet Alright y’all, inquiring minds wanna know, how do you feel about tall open toe boots?  Over the years, I think we’ve all accepted open-toe booties as totally normal, but for some reason a tall open-toe boot feels a little different.  That’s not to say that I don’t love the look…quite the opposite, actually.  I […]

Sale Alert: ShoeDazzle”Delaney” is only $19.95!

ShoeDazzle Delaney Pumps | The Fashionista Next Door

Tweet   My “Delaney” pumps from ShoeDazzle was one of my faaaaves for fall.  This shoe just has such a sexy shape, right?! Every time I wear them, I get a ton of compliments!  In terms of comfort?  Well, first of all, let me just say I am not someone who buys shoes for comfort, […]

The Most Perfect Ankle Booties for Fall…And They’re Only $40!

Shoe Dazzle Daria BLACK

Tweet Happy Hump Day!  I’m just dropping in to quickly share these super cute ankle boots I stumbled upon ShoeDazzle last night.  The are so perfect and right on trend for fall…and of course, only $40.  I think you need them (I sure did!) Daria | ShoeDazzle | $39.99 Okay, so black ankle boots are […]

Finally Fall (I Couldn’t Wait to Wear this Leather Jacket!)

Wrist Soiree Amelia Necklace | The Fashionista Next Door

Tweet This summer in Atlanta has been particularly miserable.   Between the non-stop rain and the attack of the killer mosquitos, I felt like I’d moved to the damn rain forest.  The arrival of fall doesn’t necessarily mean we’re in the clear.  It will probably stay hot and nasty for another month or so, but […]

Another Rainy Day in Georgia

Hey Man Nice SHots Photography; The Fashionista Next Door; Piedmont Park

Tweet I don’t know who told me it was a good idea to straighten my hair in the midst of all this rain.  Once again, I just needed a curl break. …and I also need a serious trim.  My ends are getting crazy…and my curls are started to tangle…and that’s just no fun.  So anyway, […]

ShoeDazzle 4th of July Haul!

Dhoedazzle Nylah | The Fashionista Next Door

Tweet Ummm remember this ‘gram? Well, yeah…this is just a small part of what happens when it rains on the 4th of July.  Key phrase = just a small part.  Hanging head in shame.  Three out of four were on sale.  And, I mean the sale was on sale to the tune of an additional […]

I’ve Gotta Have This Clutch Before It Sells Out!

ShoeDazzle Recco Box Clutch

Tweet It’s time for this week’s ShoeDazzle pick of the week, and Ugh! could kick myself. I put this really cute neon box clutch on my wish list when it hit ShoeDazzle’s website a couple weeks ago…then I forgot about it! Now, the pink is sold out. GRR!! Unlike the Adalyn sandals, which I was […]

Style Me Friday, Week 23: Double Denim {It’s a Link Up!}


Tweet Happy Friday!!! I’m so excited for the weekend. Not only will I be attending a wedding tomorrow, but I also have two of my best college buddies coming to town to stay with us for the holiday weekend. Yay!! Silly, giggly, girly overload to ensue in T minus twelve hours. Fab is not ready! […]

ShoeDazzle Update: Adalyn is Back In Stock in Limited Quantities!


Tweet Update!! Monday, I told you guys I was patiently waiting for Adalyn to come back in stock in my size…I knew it would happen!  The style is fairly new, so I figured some people would be returning them.  And, I was right! I just snagged Adalyn in a size 7 1/2…and I see that […]

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