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It’s Coat Season: 50 Coats Under $100 (The One I’m Wearing is Only $50!)


Tweet OMG, you guys, the weather in Atlanta this weekend was FRIGID!  If I wasn’t so excited so break out my new coat, I probably would felt some type a way about it. Lol!  This is a coat was an early online winter purchase from H&M.   The SoCal girl in me loves to buy […]

There’s Oxblood on My Boots, and I Got a Haircut!


Tweet Happy Tuesday before Thanksgiving! Lol! Can you tell I’m counting down the days until ‘til my brief vacay from work?  I need it y’all! Anyway, yesterday I shared two things on Instagram – 1) my new haircut, and 2) my kinda new “oxblood” boots.  Let’s start with the haircut… So, Saturday my sister-in-law tells […]

Style Me Friday: Printed Pants


Tweet Happy Friday!!! For today’s Style Me Friday, we’re going international!  Our submission comes all the from my friend Chilel in Japan, and the inspiration itself comes all the way from our friends at Glamour South Africa.  The beautiful smiling face in the photo is Thithi Nteta, fashion blogger, and former contributor at Glamour South […]

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